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Dig into our top 4 deals from Cyber Week [Deals]

How time flies. In the blink of an eye, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone. If you’re still looking to scoop up some great deals on gear and gadgets, we’ve got four of the best from

Elegant wall-mounted charger turns iPhones into art

There are wall-to-wall alternatives on the market for what was supposed to be AirPower. One actually mounts to the wall and looks like a piece of art while it charges multiple devices. The MagEZ Bar

myCharge battery sports built-in Lightning and USB-C cables [Review]

Hands up if this ever happens to you: you remembered your iPhone or iPad and an external battery but forgot the charging cable. That frustration isn’t possible with the myCharge HubMax Universal as it

Dual wireless charger takes the fuss out of juicing up [Review]

You wanted an AirPower, but Apple failed you. While the Choetech Dual Wireless Fast Charger does not pack all the advanced features of Apple’s infamous vaporware, this five-coil wireless charger does

Charge all your Apple devices with Zens Dual+Watch, now in white

Zens’ popular Dual+Watch wireless charging pad is the one-stop charging system for all your Apple gadgets. It can charge three devices simultaneously, including your Apple Watch, iPhone and the new

Tiny iPhone and iPad charger will surprise you with its power [Review]

Aukey has a USB-C charger that’s about as small at the standard 5W iPhone charger but boasts 18W of power. It can quickly charge an Apple phone or tablet, as well as other devices. In addition, Aukey

This dual iPhone and Apple Watch charger is a great AirPower alternative [Watch Store]

Now that Apple’s AirPower charging mat has been cancelled, this dual iPhone and Apple Watch charger is perhaps the best alternative. Like the AirPower, the Dual+Watch Aluminium Wireless Charger can

Now you can carry your iPhone charger on a keychain [Deals]

Having an iPhone is convenient — until you need to charge it. The standard charging brick and Lightning cable combo means you’ve gotta make space in your bag to travel with the phone in your pocket.

New mophie battery pack is truly built for iPhone [Review]

External batteries are widely available but surprisingly few of them are really designed with Apple users in mind. That’s because all too many require a microUSB cable to get power. The mophie

Logitech’s new wireless iPhone charger solves an annoying problem [Review]

Having a wireless charging pad on my nightstand means never having to fish around in the dark for a Lightning cable plugged into the wall. However, there’s a tradeoff: Switching to wireless charging

Best List: FuelBox is the Swiss army knife of iPhone chargers [Review]

Best List: FuelBox, a home and mobile charging system There’s a secret magician lurking in our household. We never see them, but they somehow manage to disappear all our charging cables. It drives me