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Should You Upgrade from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11 Pro? A Decision Calculator

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are now two years old. This means that many people who purchased it on a two-year contract are due for an upgrade. Even otherwise, many iPhone 8 users will likely be
Apple cuts iPhone 8 and iPhone XR prices by $150, kills iPhone 7 and iPhone XS

Apple cuts iPhone 8 and iPhone XR prices by $150, kills iPhone 7 and iPhone XS

Apple has new iPhone 8 and iPhone XR prices: $449 and $599. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are dead.
Corephotonics lawsuit portrays ‘innovative’ Apple as a devious copycat

Corephotonics lawsuit portrays ‘innovative’ Apple as a devious copycat

A small Israeli company claims Apple stole its patented camera technologies for iPhones, and unlike patent trolls, it has a credible, cringe-worthy story.

How to Enter Recovery Mode for iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus

If needed, you can put any iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 into Recovery Mode for troubleshooting purposes. This is usually only used for troubleshooting purposes, particularly if an iPhone is stuck on the

iOS 12.3.2 Released for iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has released iOS 12.3.2 for iPhone 8 Plus. The limited iOS software update appears to resolve an issue where sometimes iPhone 8 Plus would take portrait mode photos but without the software

iOS 12.3.2 Released with Portrait Mode Bug Fixes for iPhone 8 Plus

Last month Apple had released the iOS 12.3.1 to the general public. Today Apple has released the iOS 12.3.2 for iPhone 8 Plus users and the update fixes a troublesome bug pertaining to portrait mode

Apple will fix iPhone 8 Plus Portrait mode bug today

Apple will roll out a new software update today to fix a Portrait mode bug on the iPhone 8 Plus. iOS 12.3.2, which comes just two weeks after the release of iOS 12.3.1, is another minor update for

How to Turn Off iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X

Want to turn off iPhone for whatever reason? Newer iPhone models have a different method of shutting down the device to turn off the iPhone compared to earlier model devices. This article will show

From refurbished iPhones to AirPods alternatives, the top deals of the week [Deals]

It’s been a red banner week for deals at the Cult of Mac Store. So we rounded up four of the very best, from refurbished iPhones to affordable AirPods alternatives. We’ve also got a replacement for

Score a great deal on these refurbished iPhones [Deals]

Need a new iPhone? Are you currently… an Android user? (What are you doing here? Oh, right! Reevaluating your smartphone choices!) It just so happens right now is a great time to be in the market for

Tesla Launches an Amazon Store With New iPhone Cases

Tesla is not a stranger to iPhone accessories, with the company launching cases for the iPhone 6s back in 2015.

iPhone Price Cuts Are Boosting Sales in China

Back in January, Apple dropped the pricing of specific iPhone models for vendors in China. As a result, sales are starting to turn around already.

Verizon’s Visible Network is Now Carrying Several Different iPhone Models

In early 2018, Verizon introduced a brand new MVNO option for folks who would like to use Verizon’s network, but not necessarily sign up for the service.

German Court Dismisses Qualcomm’s Second Patent Lawsuit Against Apple

A regional German court in the city of Mannheim has dismissed a patent lawsuit filed by Qualcomm against Apple. The court claimed the suit was groundless and that Apple did not violate any of

iPhone XR Apple’s best-selling phone as sales fall

Apple’s best-selling smartphone last November was, perhaps unsurprisingly, its most affordable model. The iPhone XR outsold the iPhone XS and the larger iPhone XS Max, according to new data — but

This iPhone photo caused more than a few double takes

Backyard puddles are rarely worth photographing. Yet Josh Nukem managed to make a puddle picture with his iPhone 8 Plus that got a lot of people talking this week. Nukem angled his iPhone just right

Google Photos can now adjust background blur on Portrait Mode pics

You no longer need to buy the iPhone XS or XS Max to take advantage of one of the best features on the new devices’ camera. Google Photos pushed out an update this morning that allows any iPhone owner
Evidence Mounts for Weak iPhone XR Sales

Evidence Mounts for Weak iPhone XR Sales

Evidence is building that Apple really does have an iPhone XR problem, fed by multiple independent sources. The post Evidence Mounts for Weak iPhone XR Sales appeared first on ExtremeTech.

CIRP Data Says There are 181 Million Active iPhones in the U.S.

Apple consistently sells a lot of iPhones, especially in the United States, and that trend means there are a lot of active units out there in the wild.

iPhone XR production could be slowing amidst weak demand

The three Asian companies that assemble the iPhone XR have reportedly reduced production. Apple is ordering fewer units because sales of this smartphone haven’t lived up to expectations. However, the