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Even if you don’t need one, Woot!’s tablet deal is too good to pass up

Even if you don’t need one, Woot!’s tablet deal is too good to pass up

It sure does feel nice to be appreciated. Anybody would agree with that sentiment, but it's also nice for us when others' appreciation means better deals for you. If you're not quite sure what we're

Zagg Folio Keyboard for iPad mini 5 Offers up to 2 Years of Battery Life

Zagg has launched a new keyboard case for iPad mini 5. The new case comes with backlit keyboard, 180-degree viewing angle and offers a battery life of up to two-years. The company is already offering

Apple Watch and iPad with LTE head for Xfinity Mobile

In a better-late-than-never scenario, Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile wireless carrier will soon begin offering two recent iPad models along with last year’s Apple Watch. These are the first non-smartphones

UAG brings serious protection to new iPad Air and iPad mini

The Urban Armor Gear Metropolis is line of lightweight but protective folio cases for a range of Apple tablets. As of today, that includes the just-released iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5. These cases

iPad mini 5 teardown uncovers big improvements on the inside

The fifth-generation iPad mini has started making its way into the hands of early adopters. One unlucky unit ended up with iFixit, which has already torn it apart to show us what’s inside.
Apple iPad mini 5 teardown reveals RAM upgrade

Apple iPad mini 5 teardown reveals RAM upgrade

It took Apple four years to upgrade the iPad mini to its 5th generation — and even then, it wasn't a major upgrade, but a (major) overhaul of the last model. Still, while it looks roughly the same on

iPad mini 5 Teardown Confirms 3GB RAM, Same Battery Capacity as iPad mini 4

The iFixit team has posted its teardown of the iPad mini 5 revealing all its internals. The teardown confirms the mini iPad comes with 3GB RAM and despite sharing the same internals as the 10.5-inch

No need to wait on keyboard cases for latest iPad Air and iPad mini

Apple’s newest tablets just started reaching the hands of consumers, but there are already several cases available for the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5, including keyboard cases in multiple designs.

Apple iPad mini review (2019): Still the best small tablet

When Apple announced the first iPad mini in 2012, the tablet's purpose was clear: it squeezed just about everything that made the regular iPad such a pleasure to use into a smaller, cheaper package.

The 25 Best iPad Air (2019) and iPad mini 5 Tips and Tricks

The new 2019 iPad Air bridges the gap between the standard iPad and the new iPad Pros. It’s a repackaged version of the old 10.5 inch iPad Pro, and that’s not a bad thing. You get access to a

New Macs! New iPads! New AirPods! We break down this week’s releases, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple just released so much new hardware, they had to do it over 3 full days. We’ll break it all down, and react to all the new gear. Plus, the saga of MoviePass continues

Check out These Hilarious Memes of Tim Cook Using an iPad with Apple Pencil

On Monday, Apple unveiled the 10.5-inch iPad Air and the iPad mini 5. On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the 2nd gen AirPods with always-on Hey Siri and new H1 chip. On both occasions, Tim Cook tweeted a

iPad mini 2019 review roundup: The best compact tablet

The iPad mini got its first refresh in more than three years this week. The newest, fifth-generation model ships with Apple’s latest A12 Bionic processor, more RAM, and a True Tone display with more

iPad mini 5 Review Roundup: The Best ‘Mini’ Tablet Around

The first set of iPad mini reviews are out and they praise the mini iPad for its improved performance and the form factor. For a tablet of its size, the iPad mini has no competition. While the markets
iPad Mini 2019 review

iPad Mini 2019 review

Apple’s new iPad Mini has beastly performance, fluid iOS 12 software, and good battery life. It also looks like it came straight out of 2015, because the design hasn’t been changed. Here's our review

Why this week’s Apple PR blitz is brilliant [Opinion]

Apple isn’t following its usual strategy for product launches. Rather than holding a press event during which a collection of devices gets shown off, it spread the news out across multiple days this

Why the latest iPads don’t support Apple Pencil 2

The number of tablets that can use the Apple Pencil expanded with the debut of the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5. Curiously, these support the original version of this pressure-sensitive stylus, not the
Apple iPad Mini 5 vs. iPad Mini 4: What’s new in Apple’s long-awaited refresh?

Apple iPad Mini 5 vs. iPad Mini 4: What’s new in Apple’s long-awaited refresh?

The long-awaited refresh of the iPad Mini is finally here, but just how big an upgrade does the iPad Mini 5 represent? We compare it to the outgoing iPad Mini 4 in various categories to delve into the

Apple’s iPad Lineup Decoded: Pricing, Specs, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Support

Apple’s iPad lineup has become a confusing mess. What started as a simple iPad has now evolved into a lineup consisting of the iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and the iPad Pro. The lineup can easily

New iPad Air and iPad mini 5 Have 3GB RAM, Same A12 Bionic Chip as iPhone XS

Apple yesterday surprised everyone by releasing the 10.5-inch iPad Air instead of a new 2019 iPad. This was accompanied with the iPad mini 5 featuring some massive internal changes. Both the tablets