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Doqo turns iPad Pro into MacBook with 7 ports [Review]

Anyone who longs for the days when MacBooks came with tons of ports can look to the Doqo, an iPad Pro keyboard case that includes a pair of USB-A ports, HDMI, memory card readers, and more. There’s

Doqo iPad Pro keyboard with trackpad also offers 7-port hub

Doqo is an upcoming USB-C keyboard for the iPad Pro with a MacBook-sized trackpad, a 7-in-1 hub, and a built-in battery. It’s one of several clip-on keyboards that promise to give Apple’s professional

Apple Granted Patent for Smart Keyboard Folio with Touch Gestures

Apple has been granted 53 new patents by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. One of the most interesting patents pertains to a fabric-based keyboard that supports gestures. The new keyboard is likely

Pick the perfect Bluetooth keyboard for your phone or tablet [Deals]

Being attached to our computers doesn’t have to mean literally being attached. Whether for phones or tablets, a portable wireless keyboard offers tons of extra flexibility and accuracy. That’s exactly

Space-saving USB-C docking stand sports a whopping 11 ports [Review]

Forget your frustrations with the minimal number of ports on your MacBook or iPad Pro. The Brando 11-In-1 Hub Type-C Docking Stand lets you connect virtually any peripheral to your computer. There’s a

RAVpower travel router also connects iPhones to hard drives and SD cards [Review]

Life on the road can be a hassle, even with an iPhone, but there’s a lot the RAVpower FileHub Travel Router can do to make it easier. It’s a battery, a hub with a USB port and SD card reader, and

Pick up great Apple accessories and gear for less than $15 [Deals]

Upgrading your digital gear doesn’t have to mean draining your wallet. For proof, check out these five deals on accessories for under $15. They include camera covers, Lightning cables, iPhone cases

You might never get to buy this amazing iPad keyboard [Review]

The Sentis Libra gives an iPad Pro a keyboard and trackpad, allowing it to act as both a tablet and a laptop — something no MacBook can do. However, rival keyboard maker Brydge accuses Sentis of using

Adonit Note+ does nearly as much as Apple Pencil but costs far less

Adonit’s second-generation iPad stylus offers many features not in the original, including including tilt detection and pressure sensitivity. The Note+ also adds shortcut buttons for quick access to

New iRig audio gadgets for iPhone-toting podcasters and YouTubers

A new batch of iRig accessories from IK Multimedia should make life easier for podcasters and YouTubers who produce on their iPads or iPhones. The gear looks pretty sweet, and — if my experience is

Brydge plans iPad keyboard case with trackpad, slaps patent lawsuit on rival

Brydge today pre-announced a clip-on iPad Pro keyboard that incorporates a trackpad, something that only became possible with the just-released iPadOS 13. This would create a computer like a MacBook

Meet Sketchboard Pro, a Magnetic iPad Stand for Artists

Apple has been touting the iPad Pro as a full-fledged computer. While it is not entirely wrong, the iPad still faces some issues with its form factor. Apple has fixed one of the biggest shortcomings

New Tile Sticker will help you find anything [Review]

Anyone who’s ever spent a half hour searching for the TV remote can understand the appeal of the Tile Sticker. Glue it to anything relatively flat and you’ll never misplace that item again, as your

Proposed iPad Pro docking station packs keyboard, trackpad, ports into one

DoBox is looking for funding for a desktop docking station that gives the 2018 iPad Pro an array of additional features. A keyboard and trackpad are the most obvious, but there’s also a built in hub

First iPad Pro keyboard case with trackpad hopes to launch this winter

Libra is angling to be the first-out-of-the-gate iPad Pro case that includes not only a keyboard but also a trackpad. This wasn’t possible before, but the just-released iPadOS adds support for mice

Brydge keyboard turns 10.2-inch iPad into a laptop

The Brydge line of premium keyboards is extending to the just-announced seventh-generation iPad — the first with a 10.2-inch screen. The high-grade aluminum casing of the Brydge 10.2 is designed to

Zagg Folio Keyboard for iPad mini 5 Offers up to 2 Years of Battery Life

Zagg has launched a new keyboard case for iPad mini 5. The new case comes with backlit keyboard, 180-degree viewing angle and offers a battery life of up to two-years. The company is already offering

Best iPad Pro keyboard cases for people on the go [Reviews]

Add a keyboard to your iPad Pro and it becomes a powerful but extremely portable laptop. So many people see the potential that companies make an array of keyboard cases. The range of designs gives

MagicDock Adds Surface-like Functionality to the iPad Pro

Apple is trying hard to position the iPad as a full-fledged mobile computing solution. This year the company has unveiled iPadOS, the new operating system that is aimed at bringing desktop-class apps

Sleek stand transforms iPads and iPhones into desktop devices [Deals]

For many, our mobile devices are part of the daily workflow. We keep our computer screens for the sake of our necks and eyes, but mobile devices hold our attention no less than our laptop or desktop