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Why you need to install iOS 12.4 right now

Details of five security bugs fixed by last-week’s iOS 12.4 update have been published. This means hackers now have what they need to use them on any device that hasn’t been updated. Now would be a

FaceTime bug lets others see and hear you before call starts [UPDATED]

Apple has confirmed that it’s possible for a FaceTime caller to listen to the person on the other end of the call — and even see them — before they pick up. Making use of this newly-discovered bug

iOS 12.0.1 fixes serious Wi-Fi and charging bugs

Anyone with iOS 12 — and we know that’s most of you — should download a small update that fixes bugs that have affected some users. A Wi-Fi slowdown problem was only bothering iPhone XS users, but a

iOS 12 causes charging problems for some iPhone, iPad models

Reports are coming in that some devices running iOS 12 won’t begin charging if they’re in sleep mode when a Lightning cable is plugged in. The issue was first noted with the iPhone XS Max, but it is