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YouTube star’s love of disposable cameras turns into a popular iOS app

More than a dozen apps in the photo category of Apple’s App Store appropriate the shoddy, snapshot esthetics of single-use, or disposable, cameras. The newest joining this niche category two weeks ago

Craigslist only took 11 years to make its own iOS app

Considering the App Store has been around for 11 years and Craigslist for 13 years before that, it's astonishing the bastion of online classified ads hasn't bothered to create an official, first-party

Motif app goes iOS so you can make photo books on iPhone

It didn’t take long for Motif, a Mac and iPad app for creating photo books, to reach 1 million downloads. A little more than a year after its launch, Motif now lets Apple fans create custom photo

10 years later, Hipstamatic is still around and deep in its retro roots

The smartphone photography tidal wave started with ripples from Hipstamatic. It was the first app with filters for snap-happy iPhone users to change the look of their photos. A tap of the finger and

Overcast comes to Mac in impressive Marzipan concept

In a tweet posted Wednesday, iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith shared screenshots of the the popular iOS podcast app Overcast running on the Mac. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

This Pro Camera app is a master of both stills and video

You’re a gifted content creator, shooting great stills and compelling video with your iPhone. But for complete creative control, some rely on separate camera apps for each discipline. Moment, the

iPhone app helps fight foul smells in cities

Smartphone apps are powerful tools — especially one that eliminates foul smells in your city. OK, the Smell MyCity app is not that powerful. But it does give users a reliable way to report offensive

Let this highly rated iOS app help keep robocalls at bay [Deals]

If you thought we were past the age of spam calls, sorry, but no. From intrusive advertising to scam calls, some estimate that billions of scam calls afflict us per month. Luckily, in the arms race

Brilliant iPhone camera app takes long exposures without tripod

Halide, an iOS camera app that entered a flooded photo app category in 2017, quickly rose above most of the others as a must-have tool for serious iPhone photographers. The creators, wanting manual

This app turns your iPhone into a personal trainer [Review]

If you need something to offer that extra push during your workout, Aaptiv is the trainer you need, right where it matters most. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Practice mindfulness with the help of your smartphone [Deals]

It can be hard to find the time to stop and breathe, let alone meditate. With the right app though, you can get regular reminders to check in with the present moment. That’s not what most people think

Apple approves India’s controversial Do Not Disturb app

Apple today made an anti-spam application developed by the Indian government available on that country’s version of its App Store. The software is designed to help prevent an avalanche of commercial

Chinese translation app censors words – but not on iPhone

A translation app widely used in China appears to censor politically touchy terms, such as “Tiananmen” or “ Taiwan independence.” It even refuses the name of Chinese President Xi Jinping. However, the

Pixelmator preps AI-powered photo editor for iPad

Pixelmator makes image editing software for Mac and iPad, and it’s hard at work now on a new iPad application that uses artificial intelligence to improve its photo-editing capabilities. The new app —

New Pokémon Go feature makes exercise enticing

Playing Pokémon GO requires you to get off the couch and explore the world. The game now takes that idea and runs with it (pun intended) by rewarding you for exercising even when not hunting virtual

Serious GasBuddy bug locks up iPhones [Updated]

Avoid using the latest version of the GasBuddy app on your iPhone. The developer admits it is causing problems and has temporarily withdrawn it from the App Store until a fix can be released. UPDATE:

Hot new basketball app uses AI to improve your shooting

Basketball star Jeremy Lin didn’t make the NBA with the help of an iPhone or iPad. But Lin could help the next generation raise their game thanks to an AI-powered iOS app he helped launch with a

George Takei’s House of Cats app bares its claws at Trump

George Takei is best known for his iconic role on Star Trek, but he’s also an activist. And a very anti-Trump one. His new app combines two things the internet loves: cats and politics. House of Cats

iPhone app subscription fees doubled in a year

We’re all accustomed to paying a simple, one-time fee for our iOS apps. But developers are increasingly turning to subscriptions. In fact, there were billions paid in app subscription fees in the past

Massive explosions predicted during Fortnite event tomorrow

Something is going to happen in the Fortnite game tomorrow. What that will be is a bit of a mystery, but it’s causing a lot of buzz. Whatever the deal is, it’s happening at 1:30 pm Eastern Time on