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Intel chip shortages put a crimp in Mac sales

Intel continues to struggle to provide enough processors to meet demand from PC makers, and one of the victims was Apple. This is likely the cause for a slight drop in Mac shipments during the second

5 reasons Apple should dump Intel processors [Opinion]

It’s past time Macs stopped depending on Intel processors. There’s new evidence to show they’ve outlived their usefulness. A switch to Apple-designed chips will make macOS devices better for a variety

First Macs with Apple chips could mean tumultuous 2020

Moving macOS computers from Intel processors to ones Apple has created itself seems to be on schedule. At least, that’s what Intel thinks, according to a recent report. This is likely a part of

‘Coffee Lake’ chips could give 2018 MacBook Pro a jolt

Apple is apparently planning to upgrade the MacBook Pro line to the latest generation of Intel processors. Benchmarks for a macOS laptop running a “Coffee Lake” chip showed up on Geekbench. The