Facebook lifts its ban on some cryptocurrency ads

At the end of January, Facebook banned any advertisements promoting cryptocurrencies because they are "frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices," the company wrote in a

Massachusetts halts five ICOs for defying financial rules

It's not just the feds concerned about sketchy cryptocurrency fundraising. Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin has ordered a halt to the sale of five initial coin offerings (18

Nearly half of 2017's cryptocurrencies have already failed

The surging price of bitcoin (among others) in 2017 led more than a few companies to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon with hopes of striking it rich almost overnight. Many of their initial coin

Facebook bans ads promoting cryptocurrencies

Most of Facebook's recent advertising changes have tried to curb the danger of, you know, a foreign government using the social network to influence elections. But Facebook believes other kinds of

SEC is ‘looking closely’ at companies that dabble in blockchain

The Securities and Exchange Commission has had it with companies throwing around words like crypto and blockchain in order to bump up their stock prices. There have been quite a few instances of that

Hackers are stealing millions in cryptocurrency during ICOs

A new report from Ernst & Young details just how big of a problem security is when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Researchers collected data on 372 initial coin offerings (ICOs) that took place

Kodak is jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon

Kodak's big film revival isn't working out as well as planned, which leaves it in a tough spot. How is it going to spark interest and raise a ton of cash in a hurry? Easy -- hop on the cryptocurrency

South Korea enacts new cryptocurrency regulations

The South Korean government announced new cryptocurrency regulations today, which led to a 12 percent and eight percent drop in bitcoin and ethereum prices, respectively. After the US and Japan, South
Indiegogo makes it easy to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon

Indiegogo makes it easy to hop on the cryptocurrency bandwagon

There's a frenzy over cryptocurrency at the moment (helped in no small part by bitcoin's sky-high value), and Indiegogo is determined to milk the trend for all it's worth. The crowdfunding site has

SEC Cyber Unit's first charges target cryptocurrency fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission's new Cyber Unit has filed its first charges since being formed in September. The unit's case is being brought against a company called PlexCorps, its founder