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First Apple Store in India might not open this year

Apple’s first retail store in India reportedly won‘t open in time for the launch of the 2020 iPhone. And even online sales allegedly won’t begin until the second half of this year. There have

Apple makes iPhone XR in India for local market

iPhone production in India is reportedly ramping up, with 2018’s iPhone XR supposedly being assembled there. The units allegedly aren‘t for export, but will be sold in-country. While the news that

Apple pouring $1 billion into iPhone production in India

Apple is reportedly spending $1 billion on growing its production capacity in India. This is part of an ongoing move away from the tariffs that will soon be levied on iPhones assembled in China. It

Apple could finally begin direct iPhone sales in India this fall

Apple may have finally succeeded in its long, long quest to be allowed to sell its products directly in India. Until now, the company has been forced to go through third-party resellers, but the

Apple’s smart moves start to pay off in India

Apple has a slender percentage of Indian handset sales, but there’s cause for optimism. We spoke with Anshika Jain, an analyst at Counterpoint Research, to see whether the changes Apple has been

iPhone sales dropped in every part of the world

The fact that iPhone sales were down in the first three months of the year is no secret, but new information shows that the decline wasn’t isolated to one or two areas. No, Apple admitted that iOS

Apple’s earning report by the numbers

Taking a close look at Apple’s financial results during the first three months of this year in hard numbers shows how the company is changing. Services are getting more important to its bottom line,