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Apple's pricey Mac Pro is also the company's most repairable item in forever

Apple's pricey Mac Pro is also the company's most repairable item in forever

As it turns out, Apple's $6,000 Mac Pro isn't easy to grate cheese with, but it's easy to repair. iFixit's teardown of the pricey hardware received an impressive 9/10 repairability score. By the end

Mac Pro proves Apple can make repairable products when it wants to

Although Apple often draws criticism for making products that are difficult to repair, that’s not true of the 2019 Mac Pro. After its tear-down, repair company iFixit gave this workstation high marks

Teardown shows 16-inch MacBook Pro is full of Magic Keyboard goodness

Disassembling the new 16-inch MacBook Pro finds plenty to like. There’s a keyboard that’s almost certainly more reliable, a revamped thermal system and a bigger battery. On the other side of the coin,

iFixit: 16-inch MacBook Pro Live Teardown Reveals New Keyboard Is Similar to Magic Keyboard

Apple’s latest 16-inch MacBook Pro has now been taken apart by the team at iFixit. As always we get to know the hardware secrets via the product teardown. The teardown is broadcasted live on YouTube

7th Gen 10.2-Inch iPad Teardown Reveals More RAM, New Magnet Patterns, More

iFixit has been busy pulling apart new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 5. This time around iFixit has published a teardown report for the new 10.2-inch 7th Gen iPad. The teardown reveals bigger RAM,

Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm) Teardown Reveals New Metal Casing for Battery, and Much More

Apple Watch 5 44mm teardown revealed a marginal increase in battery capacity, redesigned connectors and a better look at the new display. iFixit has now published the Apple Watch Series 5 teardown and

Apple Watch Series 5 teardown confirms it’s a tweaked Series 4

Disassembling the latest Apple Watch doesn’t find very much that’s different from last year’s model. That doesn’t mean there aren’t improvements in the new Series 5; they’re just not visible in a

Nixed bilateral charging could have been iPhone 11 Pro exclusive

A teardown of the iPhone 11 done by iFixit finds this less-expensive model lacks any sign of inverse wireless charging. There were features apparently related to this feature discovered in the iPhone
Watch iFixit break down the iPhone 11 Pro

Watch iFixit break down the iPhone 11 Pro

Gadget repair site and community iFixit got its hands on the new iPhone 11 Pro and gave it their trademark teardown treatment, revealing some fascinating and yet unsurprising insight into how the

Mysterious hardware in iPhone 11 hints at reverse wireless charging

Buried in the iPhone 11 Pro Max are hardware quirks that iFixit suggests might be for reverse wireless charging, a feature reportedly planned and then dropped from this model. Watch a video of techs

iFixit iPhone 11 Pro Teardown Points at Bilateral Wireless Charging

Earlier today, iFixit live-streamed iPhone 11 Pro teardown. The site is yet to dive deeper into iPhone 11 Pro and is expected to publish an in-depth report. During the teardown, iFixit stumbled upon

12.9-inch iPad Pro teardown video reveals smaller battery

Apple’s latest tablet isn’t easy to take apart, even for experts. A video teardown by iFixit documents the difficulties that come from 12.9-inch iPad Pro components held in with tiny screws and glue.

iPhone XR boasts bigger battery than Apple’s flagship phone

The first teardowns of the iPhone XR reveal a surprising fact: it has a larger battery than virtually all previous iOS smartphones, even the iPhone XS. Reviews of the iPhone XR indicate it lasts a

Secret ingredient in new MacBook Pro? Glue. Lots and lots of glue

Apple makes no attempt to have MacBook Pro models easy to repair. The ones released just a few days ago are no exception. We all have to hope that the redesigned key mechanism fixes the previous

Teardown reveals MacBook Pro keyboard is redesigned to prevent keys sticking

Apple made potential buyers of the new MacBook Pro models very nervous when it said no effort had been made to fix the problems plaguing the keyboards in earlier versions. Happily, it turns out the
iMac Pro teardown reveals what you can upgrade and what you can’t

iMac Pro teardown reveals what you can upgrade and what you can’t

Apple stripped away several things to make space for highly effective cooling.

Upgrades to iMac Pro? Major disassembly required

You wouldn’t dare crack open your new iMac Pro, the one you paid $5,000 for, just for a peek under the hood. But the teardown team at iFixit happily and fearlessly disassembles devices just to sate