iBook Turns 20: Watch Steve Jobs Unveil the World's First Notebook With Wireless Internet

iBook Turns 20: Watch Steve Jobs Unveil the World's First Notebook With Wireless Internet

Upon returning to Apple in the late 1990s, Steve Jobs came up with a 2×2 product grid in an effort to simplify Apple's then-bloated lineup of computers. The grid was split into four quadrants,

How Steve Jobs’ impossible demands sparked Wi-Fi revolution

How many important moments at Apple started with Steve Jobs being late to a meeting that ended with him making a seemingly impossible demand? This is exactly how one former executive of Lucent

20 most important Macs of all time

Today marks 35 years since the launch of the original Macintosh computer, the product which most defined Apple until the iPod and iPhone came along years later. The Mac changed the course of personal

Today in Apple history: The last iBook laptop goes on sale

July 26, 2005: Apple debuts the opaque white iBook G4, the last of its laptops to launch under the iBook name. The portable computer adds Apple’s scrolling trackpad for the first time. It also

The Kindle app puts an entire library in your hand [Essential iOS Apps #16]

Kindle is an excellent way to enjoy the world of literature without straining your back or your physical space. With the Kindle app, you can carry an entire library's worth of books on your iPad or

Today in Apple history: PowerBook G3 gets thinner, lighter and bronze-er

May 10, 1999: The third-generation PowerBook G3 comes in 20 percent slimmer and 2 pounds lighter than its predecessor, but most people remember the laptop for its “bronze” keyboard. Although it

Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs: Who is Apple’s best CEO ever?

Steve Jobs was a mercurial genius with a singular knack for turning bright ideas into shiny new products. Tim Cook is an operations wizard who hammered Apple’s supply chain into a manufacturing

Today in Apple history: Apple Store celebrates millionth online customer

December 5, 2002: Cupertino says it served its millionth unique customer in the Apple Store online, marking a significant milestone for the company. It is a benchmark worth celebrating for Apple,