Welcome To The Essen Motor Show

To paint the picture, let’s start with the numbers. The annual Essen show, held in the Ruhr region of Germany, attracts around 350,000 visitors, more than 550 exhibitors – of which a fifth are from

Origins: Hunting Speed

Everyone loves an origin story. In early 2016, an aspiring journalist (Maurice Malone), and an aspiring photographer (me), crossed paths. What would transpire, over the next few months, would be two

Regio Classic VW: Celebrating The Air-Cooled Life In Mexico

The esplanade at Arena Monterrey played host to the event, which has run every two years since 2011, but was absent for the past couple. Of course, it’s return was very much welcomed, with

Essence Of Style

In 2018, the three separate trips I took to LA ended adding up to me spending over 10% of the year in this sprawling, urban city. A paradise that sits in a coastal basin with canyon-laden mountains

Visiting Japan? Don’t Forget The Cars…

I’ve been attracted to Japanese cars since my childhood. I was born in the ’80s and was a typical teenager in ’90s growing up with video games filled with high performance Japanese cars. This is how

Icons Over Coffee

Some might say it is just a petrolhead-themed café and bar, but C&M is also an art gallery, an inn, and much more. You never know what is going to pop in at any moment, and this spontaneity gives

Exploring Toyota Motorsport GmbH’s Vault

Behind some unsuspicious doors under the massive wind tunnels of the TMG factory lies possibly the most interesting collection of cars in all of Cologne, Germany. After entering the museum, you are

Drive-By Snapshots: An Early Morning In Oman

Some of you will have been in this situation before. Traveling on a budget and booking the cheapest flights available often comes at the price of long overnight layovers in remote airports. These

100% Auto Live: Celebrating Car Culture In The Netherlands

This year saw the 16th edition of 100% Auto Live. Located in Rotterdam, this auto show gathers different kinds of cars and styles; from flashy American lowriders to slammed Euro coupes and Japanese

Wet & Wild At WRC Wales Rally GB

The current generation World Rally Car in full flight provides an all-out assault on the senses, and no matter how many adjectives or over-enthusiastic words I write here, I will never do them

From Blown Up To Boosted: Building A Type R Dream

It was October 2015 when my cousin found a stock standard ’98 Type R for sale in a small town four hours outside of Calgary. He sent me pictures from the sales ad; the car looked good and a week later

Daikoku Nights – In The English Midlands

On any given evening it plays host to a variety of diamanté-encrusted Lamborghinis, JDM icons, and LED-clad, anime-playing vans. It’s somewhere that’s always been on my bucket list of places to visit.

Vintage Vibes At The Race Of Gentleman

Welcome to The Race Of Gentlemen, or TROG for short, the carriers of the traditional hot rod culture torch in this modern era. Originally held in Asbury Park, New Jersey in 2012, the event has grown

Turbo RS: A Porsche 991 Like No Other

The car rolled off the assembly line as a 991 Turbo S, but after a 12-month transformation that included custom work by Porsche, it’s been unofficially reimagined as a ‘Turbo RS’ with 680hp (and

What Does The AE86 Mean To Me?

My problem, and it’s not a bad one to have, is that for as long as I can remember I’ve been what most would consider an ’86-head’. Everyone for whom the AE86 has managed to get under the skin of will

Building A Racecar & Never Being Able To Race It

I believe that all cars should be driven. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stance car, a truck, or a legend of motorsport – the worst fate a car can have is accumulating dust. That brings me to this 1971

To Stuttgart & Back In Less Than 48 Hours

While for many this will conjure images of the 919 Hybrid Evo that has decimated lap records, it all began with the 917. The 917 is the car that gave Porsche its first taste of victory at the famous

Two Completely Different Cars Built With The Same Ethos

Taking that literally, it means that the majority of the population have very boring and practical ones – which might be true. However, every now and then you meet someone who has really tried to

Subtle Is Everything In A B18 Swapped ’78 Civic

Juan got the classic Honda hatchback from his grandmother when he was 16 years old, but it took almost a decade before he decided to build it up into something special. With an idea in mind, and at

More Than Just A Swap: The Drift Fusion

When this Fusion rolled off the assembly line, it was front-wheel drive and housed a 2-liter four cylinder – great for sipping on gas and making it to work on time, but not incredibly sporty.