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Flanker-F: The Evil Empire’s Wildest Build Yet

Thanks to Lex Ulanov, we were able to take a look around the Evil Empire’s expansive workshop back in 2016, and at that time Sergey Kabargin and the team had numerous JZA80-based builds on the go.

Villains Sportsland: The Crowdfunded Drift Track

If the ‘Sportsland’ part of the facility’s name didn’t already give it away, the new track pays homage to the iconic ‘C course’ at Meihan Sportsland in the Nara Prefecture of Japan, and drivers from

Kustom Kulture Forever

The hot rodding culture that defined 1950s America has grown immensely in the time since, and now it’s conquering the hearts of car and bike lovers right across the world. Late last month, the

Discovering Kyusha Culture

It was back in March when I attended a local nostalgic car festival at Yutoku Inari Jinja. There were some amazing pristine classics on display, but in my opinion the real gems were hiding in the car

An Apocalypse-Proof Volvo

A few weeks ago I was Facebook creeping my local car clubs when a grainy looking iPhone snap of an apocalypse-worthy Volvo grabbed my attention. After some random messages and a quick Instagram

The Challenge Of Coming Back

After several years away, this year I returned to the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. I went there with a mixture of feelings: anticipation, tension – and fear. The fear was not coming back with the results

This Is Why We Love Classic Motorsports

While it’s not as well attended as its West Coast sister, the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, I was shocked by the variety of cars in attendance at Road Atlanta a few weeks ago. As Datsun/Nissan

Shakotan Style On The Streets Of Moscow

In some ways it’s not surprising given that a lot of used cars have been exported from Japan to Russia over the years, and that includes Pavel’s Corolla which originally landed in Vladivostok back in

Hot-Rodding A ’51 Ford Woody Wagon

Perhaps it revives memories of neighbors bull-dozing into their driveway with their gas-guzzling, wood-clad station wagon. If you’re a baby boomer, memories of your Ford Country Squire may take you

Springtime Cruising In California

That’s something the Japanese Super Car Cruise (JSCC) set out to address when it was created. Evan, JSCC’s founder, and I have owned many cars over the years, including a number of iconic Japanese

An RX-7 Built For The Streets Of Manila

Owning an FD3S Mazda RX-7 is no simple task. With numerous rituals and general maintenance needed to keep the 13B-REW engine in check, an FD3S isn’t exactly the easiest thing to live with when it

86 Festival: The Search For Takumi Fujiwara

Never underestimate a man’s love for the humble Corolla, especially if it’s rear-wheel drive. As you’ll probably be able to guess, the 86 Festival celebrates all things Toyota, but with a focus the

Super D Matsuri: USA Meets Japan

If you’re a fan of drifting like me, I’m sure you’ve looked up where it started at one point, which will lead you to Japan. The style of Japanese drifters is second to none; whether it’s a D1 pro or a

Opel Speedster: It’s All About Smiles Per Gallon

“I want to feel the road. Everything between the surface and me, in essence, is the car, so it has to be reduced to the absolute minimum of parts for that reason. I always want to be two steps ahead

Seek & Destroy: An Authentic Datsun

This is a 1968 Datsun 510 wagon. As is the nature of car communities, there are many thousands of Datsun enthusiasts out there in the world that will immediately recognize this car to be a 1968 Datsun

Need For Swede: Bilsport Performance At Elmia

Every Easter, the finest Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish (and European) automotive creations gather at the Elmia convention center in Jönköping, Sweden to show off their feathers. If you’re not

Hunting Speed & Style At Toronto Motorama

I know this isn’t an opinion shared among all of the Speedhunters, or even many of you reading this, but I genuinely enjoy car shows. During the summer months it’s not uncommon to find me taking

The Wingless S2000 Warrior

It’s the epitome of styling, form and function. Carving up mountain roads from the land down under in Melbourne’s east, this UK-spec Honda and its driver often enters Mt. Dandenong from the

The 24 Hours Of Daytona On 35mm Film

This past Christmas when my wife bought me tickets and camping passes to the Rolex 24, I knew I had to shoot film again. It’s been only about three years ago that I got back into the medium after a

When Worlds Meet: S15 Silvia Versus ’31 Ford

While indoor car shows along with miles of rope barriers and hoards of spectators may not be my favourite aspect of car culture, I am definitely thankful for an event like this during winter in