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Sunday School, Illmotion Style

It was our first time visiting this event, and we were excited to see some of Calgary’s builds. A wide variety of cars were in attendance, from Euros to imports to domestics, and they were done in

Priorities & Paganis

After spending way too much time watching the work of other automotive photographers I started shooting my own stuff; one thing led to another and, well, now I shoot cars for a living. Not bad for a

Celebrating The Hachiroku In Hong Kong

The club members first gathered in a parking area early in the morning for a quick chat and even a monsoon season heatwave couldn’t stop local Hachiroku enthusiasts driving their beloved AE86s, a

When 10,000RPM Is Life

Craig Saywell lives and breathes rotaries thanks to memories forged in his formative years back in New Zealand. His passion has never waned; the urge to race has only grown stronger with time. This

American Luxury, With A Touch Of Gangster

This movie moment planted a seed in Ken Stevens’ mind many years ago, and eventually found its way to bloom into ownership of a beautiful 1965 Lincoln Continental hardtop sedan. Two years ago, Ken was

Too Much Irish Rally Is Never Enough

Us Irish, well, we’re totally and utterly addicted to sport. It’s not even an understatement to think that nearly every fabric of our national culture and identity has been shaped by games and events.

Actually Buying The Car That Started It All

For me it was a light blue S13 240SX with a turbo SR20 and 6-speed from an S15 swapped into it. This S13 sat just up the street from my house; I walked past the car everyday on my way to high school

A Seven Year Build & An Understated GT-R

Humility in the modified car scene is seldom seen these days, but Western Australian resident David Maier has his ego kept in check two ways. Firstly, he’s part of a group of great mates who all own

God’s Chariot: A Standout E30 M3

The E30 M3 DTM race car achieved huge success to earn this nickname, especially in 1987 when BMW won the highly prestigious World Touring Car Championship. However, in order to compete in the DTM

Unorthodox Flavor: A Nissan-Powered AE86

Praise for the AE86 as a chassis seems to be unending. Some people hold them in such high regard because of certain legendary drivers or iconic media, while others swear by them based off their

Just Right: A Well Balanced NSX

We all know the NSX to be Honda’s answer to having your cake and eating it too. Designed to compete against the thoroughbred exotics and touring cars of the era, the NSX’s development took place in

My Life On Two Wheels

I’ve been taking photographs since 2008, and I’ve been keeping up with Speedhunters since 2009. When I saw the Engineered to Slide post announcing motorcycles were being brought to the site I had to

This Is The Datswagen

Rusty Speedwerks Inc. is housed under Bowest Motors’ 60-year legacy of car culture in Calgary, Canada. Like all custom projects that Les and his head mechanic Dave Wilks bring to life at Bowest, the

In The Shadows Of The Neon City

Under the cover of darkness and arranged in secret gather a small group of friends who all share a passion for cars. To this group I was an outsider, and the only person I knew happened to not show

Size Doesn’t Matter: Australia’s Grassroots Drift Haven

Its popularity tends to result in it often coming up in conversation, with it typically described as a short track for drifters of all experience levels, begging the question: ‘why I wouldn’t want to

Classic Car Club Manhattan on Film

During a recent trip to New York City, I had plenty of spare time on hand so I decided to search for places to explore that would appeal to car enthusiasts. That’s where I came across Classic Car Club

If You Buy One Lens, Make It This One…

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, it struck me just how much of a strain Speedhunting puts on you, physically. Over the three days I was at Goodwood, I covered 60,400 steps over 46 kilometres

How They Do It In Hong Kong

If you visit you will always see a few interesting cars on the streets, but for the most part, the real scene is underground. Because just like in Singapore and Malaysia, the authorities definitely

Let Me Show You How To Supra

The first thing that comes to mind lately is that meme video of the guys in a car wash yelling “Is that a Supra?!” and one of them proceeding to spray his glasses with Windex. It’s truly a classic

It Started With a Tag, How Did It End Up Like This?

Rationale says to ignore it, as it’s not going to be any more than a 30-second attention grabber, but the urge remains to click in for a look regardless, god forbid you miss something that will be all