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Speedhunting Is A Brotherly Tradition

We grew up deep in Baptist Christianity, as our father has been a pastor since as far back as either of us can remember. As we became men, we both found a new church – one that was more akin to the

Ireland’s Corolla Outlaws

There was an obvious omission, though: Irelands love affair with the ‘Twincam’. Argue against its cultural significance in any way and you will be defeated. A unique style found only in a small corner

Even Better Than The Real Thing

While the phrase “green with envy” certainly has its place in our society, the color green can also convey a great many other associations – money (and by extension, greed), fresh vegetables, traffic

The First TransTerras

Land Rovers, or ‘Rovers’, as they’re called by their owners deserve a different type of show to really be appreciated. That was the thought behind the inaugural TransTerras event, billed as a “Land

Californian Vibes In Bavaria: Germany’s First Luftgekühlt

There’s nothing that’s pushed the hype around Porsches more than the event based in California called Luftgekühlt, so my excitement was high when I first heard that it would be coming to Europe. Since

From Virtual Photography To Reality

At that time I couldn’t tell you what that really meant, nor could I have expected it to have the impact that it’s had on me. Like most of my peers, whom were interested in cars and playing video

Brothers In Racing: The Evo IX That Can Do It All

I was just four years old, looking out [of] my mother’s fourth floor apartment window waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. My parents were divorced and I hadn’t seen my father in roughly two

The Irish Tarmac Rally Finale

The moment that keeps drawing me back time after time like an addict. Through fields and rivers, over hills and gates in search of a worthy spot, this one moment makes it feel almost reasonable. Early

Taking A Chance On MPACT

A quick look outside revealed stormy skies and a damp ground. Do I bother hopping into my freshly detailed M3 and making the long drive? Would anyone even show up? I debated it, because among the BMW

Taking The Time To Build An RX-7 The Right Way

I had just come back from spending a year overseas and hadn’t owned a car since my last RX-7 took an unexpected trip to JDM heaven after an unlucky accident. I felt it was time to get back into my

The Integra Which Lives In The Shadow Of Social Media

It’s 2:00am and you’re still wide awake, staring at the ceiling and unable to fall asleep. No amount of lavender-infused tea or Pat Metheny can soothe you, no matter how sultry those guitar and

A Chance Encounter At Mobara

At first I noticed his car; a white Nissan 180SX sporting all sorts of custom track-oriented aerodynamics and riding at just the right height before functionality slips away. I was so intrigued by all

The Derelicts Of Buenos Aires

Eventually, many of these cars and their parts will end up as scrap metal that’s recycled into new appliances, but is it right to let them leave this world like that? That was my starting point; I

Florida Man Creates Free Drift Event

The friends behind the operation, Duarte Viana, Savio Silva and Joel Garcia, created Drift HQ as a hub for drift car parts and education. They care about the local community, and as part of that

An Impreza That Cuts Through the Middle

The older examples are becoming cannon fodder for those wishing to find success with the chassis on the circuits or in the rally stages. The younger models are captured by a group obsessed with

How They Supra In Germany

I’m proud to be part of the Supra community here in Germany; we have people who carry just as much (or even more) enthusiasm for our beloved car in their hearts as every other MKIV enthusiast. Once

Appreciate The Process; Enjoy The Result

It didn’t matter which version, I just told myself that I needed to get one. But I never thought that dream would actually become a reality. I got Veena, my Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, in 2015. She

Buying Your Dream Car at 22 Years Old

Watching VHS recordings of French driver Jean Ragnotti and seeing how fast the Renault was in the hands of a professional taking on the best in the World Rally Championship, Jeremy promised himself

Building A Community & An Acura NSX

Guam and the Philippines are very much alike; they both enjoy crystal-clear beaches, barbeque parties, and a close-knit car community. As the connected global car culture is often talked about on

A KE70 Corolla With The Heart Of A Hachiroku

I wasn’t searching for a Hachiroku again; I wanted something older, but on the other hand I already knew the AE86 community and had a few tricks to make the old Toyota a little more entertaining.