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The Perfect Shoot With A BMW M2

Well, for this year’s MPACT Motorsports Festival, held again at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, she delivered in a big way. Each year, thousands of BMWs descend upon Pocono for MPACT, an

Far From Typical: The 2JZ S13 Built For Grip

Alex owns a 1991 240SX hatchback, commonly referred to in the automotive community as an S13. He’s had the car for 12 years, and over this period of time the Nissan has seen many phases and upgrades.

Rarity: Vu Nguyen’s Subaru Outback Sport

Coming from a few other Subarus in the past, Vu picked up this wagon thinking he was not going to do much to it. But as the story often goes, the exact opposite happened. Being part of an online group

Resurrecting Simple Style With An S15 Silvia

The car in this article is a S15 Nissan Silvia Spec-S. For anyone not familiar with these cars, the Spec-S signifies that this model has the naturally aspirated version of Nissan’s famed SR20 motor,

Changing Scenery: Shooting Rally For The First Time

The logistics of photographing rally versus drift is very different and difficult, and for a first-timer that’s what makes it exciting and thrilling. At the 2019 New England Forest Rally, held last

An F1 Race Winner Out Of Hibernation

This chassis was driven from 17th to 1st place at the Detroit Grand Prix by Watson in 1982, and during this same year MP4s won at three other Formula One rounds. At a later date, McLaren sold its old

50 States Of Drift: The Passion-Driven Problem Solvers

Passion… and a really rad BMW E30. Meet Dan and Doug Jakiela, AKA ‘The Brothers of 50 States of Drift’, which was born out of a dream to drift at tracks in all 50 American states. But the problem with

The Stickers Of Global Car Culture

I’ll admit it – for many of us, sometimes ‘global car culture’ can seem so far out of reach. The idea of one day owning a jaw-dropping showroom centrepiece, or a multi-million-dollar track monster can

Finding SoCal Tuner Style In Monterrey, Mexico

But this isn’t Los Angeles, it’s Monterrey, Mexico – a place where you’re much more likely to come across some American muscle or a classic Volkswagen sedan than you will a build like David Ortega‘s

Knowledge Meets Passion In A BMW E46 M3

For Josh Stratton, the classic BMW tagline ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ sounded more like a challenge than a promise, and that was good enough to set him off on a journey of learning, collecting and

S Is For Spectre: Building A Better Defender

Last winter, this rig rolled into the mock Southwestern town straight out of the celluloid dreams of every James Bond fan. This spring we went out into the hills beyond Los Angeles to find out just

Feelings Of Nostalgia At The Silverstone Classic

I can remember, as a five-year-old, standing in the freezing cold, soaked to the skin, at the inaugural Rally of Ireland event in 2000. I have fond memories of watching single-seater racing cars

Drifting Two Flanker-Fs On A Frozen Lake

A Russian drifter and the creator of the Flanker-F hypercar, Sergey ‘ddKaba’ Kabargin, has set a drifting speed record in on the ice of Lake Baikal. At the beginning of 2018, Speedhunters published a

Sunset Chaser: Bali’s First Modified Car Meet

If someone told you that Bali has amazing car culture, would you believe them? Regardless of what you believe, the answer is yes, you should. The Indonesian paradise has many automotive gems,

More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Whether you view them as some old shitbox from the ’80s, or as some machine worth endless praise, they’ve spawned quite the fanbase all the same. If you’ve ever talked to someone who’s into old

Living The JDM Dream In Poland

In November 2013, when the idea for an event popped in my head, it was just a dream. But if it wasn’t for having the ‘right people’ by my side, that dream of uniting JDM enthusiasts in Poland with an

Red Hot Chile Pop-Ups

Still, finding a car like Daniel Carrasco’s Nissan 200SX here on the streets of Santiago is rare. In Chile it’s difficult to get car parts, and when you do find them the cost is well above what they

Unique Design, Legendary Performance: All Speed Customs

Everyone and their brother can point you to a shop that works on classic American cars, but All Speed Customs, unassumingly located in what used to be a 50,000 sq ft factory in Muskegon, Michigan is

Master Of Deception: Meet The Magstang

However, what it isn’t is just as important as what it is. This is a real-deal Shelby GT500 with one significant twist. In building this car, a 2012-2014 GT500 was stripped to nothing but the unibody

Things That Come In Two Litres? Milk & 2,000HP Sport Compacts

Orlando Speed World Dragway isn’t where you go to see Top Fuel Dragsters or Nitro Funny Cars. Instead the venue plays host to a suite of sport compact events throughout the year that culminate in a