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[Deal] Save 20% on iOttie’s iON Wireless Go Power Bank that doubles up as a portable Wireless Charger

With wireless charging becoming more popular than ever (even OnePlus is jumping on the bandwagon), having a power bank that can also charge your phone wirelessly is a no-brainer. There are no more

[Deal] Save 15% on any skin from XtremeSkins for today only

With so many smartphones looking so samey when they are slapped in a protective case, protective skins are a great way to make your phone uniquely yours. With a range of finishes from carbon fiber,

[Deal] Save $30 on the Botzees Interactive Robotics Kit for kids

With robotics set to become the next big thing in the years to come, it’s never too early for children to learn about the technology involved in advancing the field and developing their interest in

Moment abandons Android app development because there are ‘too many flavors’ to support

In the past, Android fans became used to developers refusing to develop apps or games for the world’s most popular mobile operating system because of Android fragmentation. In recent years, thanks in

Razer’s Kishi mobile gaming controller goes on sale in early 2020

Mobile gaming has really taken off in the past 18-months, helped along by the release of games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and most recently, Call of Duty Mobile. While the games mentioned are

[Deal] Protect your smartphone with a case from Poetic and save 30% (ends tonight)

If you’ve gone and bought the LG G8 ThinQ for just $399 (or any other phone) in the Black Friday sales you may want to take steps to protect your investment from harm. Luckily, Poetic has reduced

[Deal] Save 20% with MOVO this Black Friday and take your vlogging career to the next level

Whether you want to tell a story about the latest piece of technology in your hands, the food you’ve just eaten, or the mountain you are climbing, having the right equipment for the job will make

Verizon will power up its 5G network in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11th

During MWC 2019 the singular, most popular buzzword mentioned by almost every vendor was 5G. It’s clear that this new type of mobile connectivity is going to be a huge thing for carriers and

[Deal] Get the 360-Degree 4K Camera Module for the Essential Phone for just $19

In the midst of Amazon Prime Day, Essential decided to run what could only be called a fire sale on its Essential Phone, or PH-1 if you prefer, by dropping the price all the way down to just $250.

Motorola’s new Moto Folio Mod costs $11 and fits any Moto Z smartphone

Besides having its 2018 line-up leaked, Motorola has also launched a brand new Moto Mod for its Moto Z series of smartphones. Having launched a Moto Mod with Amazon’s Alexa in late 2017, this latest

Incipio’s Wall Mount for your Google Home Mini is now available in the US for $15

If you are one of the many to have received a Google Home Mini as a Christmas gift, the task of finding space to put the device probably hasn’t been the easiest to carry out. It has always been my

[Deal] Verizon knocks 50% off all Moto Mods

By now, you are probably dreaming about Black Friday deals in your sleep, but a bargain is a bargain and this time it’s Verizon getting in on the act. If you own one of the Moto Z or Z2 variants, this

Google partners up with uBreakiFix again for walk-in repairs on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

You’ve just got your brand new Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL handset and whoops! The handset slips out of your hand, bounces down two flights of stairs and out the door, coming to rest unscathed on the curb.

The Smart Speaker Moto Mod with Alexa built-in launches in November for $149

Virtual assistants are heading to almost every device we can think of, from refrigerators to headphones, with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa being the main culprits. While Google Assistant is

Lenovo’s Moto Z2 Play is now available to pre-order from Verizon

Having been announced by Lenovo just a few short weeks ago, you can now pre-order the Moto Z2 Play from Verizon and take delivery of the handset by July 7th. As you might expect, Lenovo has continued