A Spontaneous Sunday Hunting In Indonesia

With my weekend schedule freed up due to the cancellation of the ICEMOD (Indonesia Car Enthusiast & Modifications) event, a new goal was set: hunting out Indonesian car culture. There was no real

Godzilla In Germany: An R32 GT-R At The N24 Classic

Imported from Japan to the UK, I present you Jason and Louise Kennedy’s tribute to the ’92 Tooheys 1000 Bathurst winner, a stunning R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R that’s clearly not being babied in the

24 Hours Of Insanity At The Nürburgring

It’s the Saturday afternoon at the Nürburgring 24 Hour. The cars have qualified, fans are pouring in by the thousands and the paddock is alive with the buzz of over 150 teams making their way onto the

If You Can Dream It, You Can Break It – Introducing Project Thirty Four

The world was braced for complete chaos as the Millennium bug ripped through computers faster than an itchy rash at Coachella. US President Bill Clinton was finally acquitted from having his stars

The GT-Rs of South African Hillclimbs

GT-Rs perform well in multiple forms of racing, but are they the ultimate hillclimb machines? Since the launch of the original 2000 GT-R in 1969, the various GT-R models released by Nissan have become

A Small Outing With The Skylines Of Malaysia

It seems like no matter where you are on the planet, an affinity for Skylines (and in particular GT-Rs) can be found. Having spent the last five years of my life living in Japan and more recently

Waging War At The GT-R Challenge

When was the last time you spent a weekend surrounded by 1,000hp+ street-driven cars bashing their rev limiters? Don’t feel bad if your recreational time has been somewhat horsepower deficient,

Chasing Low-Eights On A Rural Runway

When’s the last time you spent a weekend surrounded by street driven 1000-horsepowered cars bashing the rev limiter? Don’t feel bad if you’re recreational time has been somewhat horsepower deficient.

Why The McLaren Senna Doesn’t Make Sense

Its unseemly form is backed by explanations a plenty as to why it looks like this – its lines, angles and shapes are the results of countless hours of testing in wind tunnels and massage sessions

Track-Prepped & Itasha Style: Garage Drydock’s R32 GT-R

The aesthetic caught my eye, but more importantly it appeared to be set up properly. J was quick to corroborate my assumption, sharing that it’s “a performance car first, but we’ve always been geeks

Nismo Fever: The Homologated Godzilla

You guys didn’t really think I would do an entire month’s worth of homologation cars without mentioning Godzilla did you? By this point, I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone is already fairly

The White Pill Or The Carbon Nardograu Pill?

In celebration of the Nissan Skyline GT-R’s 50th birthday, the next couple of articles from me will focus on GT-Rs and non-GT-R variants. Call it a celebration of Skylines as a whole, with an emphasis

GT-R Turns 50: Can The R33 Get Some Love?

There, that’s my one and only boat reference done and dusted, I promise. We’ve already covered the early-model GT-Rs, and the tour de force arrival of the R32 GT-R, but when the R33 GT-R was unveiled

The GT-R Turns 50: Enter Godzilla

But then, out of nowhere, the technicoloured 1980s and optimistic ‘90s arrived, and with Japanese stocks and real estate prices surging, there was a new-found bravery within the Japanese automotive

Speedhunting Is A Brotherly Tradition

We grew up deep in Baptist Christianity, as our father has been a pastor since as far back as either of us can remember. As we became men, we both found a new church – one that was more akin to the

Showing Up At A Stranger’s House In Miami

Reflecting on 2018, my trip to Miami, Florida was one of the most enjoyable stops along the way. Looking back through my hard drive, though, I realized there were still a couple stories left to be

HKS Takes It Back To The ’90s

I’m sure it’s hard for tuners to come up with fresh and interesting builds to showcase at events like Tokyo Auto Salon, but as HKS has proven this year, it doesn’t mean a demo car needs to be brand

Party Like It’s 1999: The Blitz Autobahn Project

This number, which translates into 216mph, was crazy for a street car at the time. It also was not coincidence, but rather conveniently a few clicks faster than the then-current, albeit relatively

Taking A GT-R To The Extreme

Set your imagination on fire with the opportunity to not only own, but to refine your dream car into your idea of its ultimate form. After years of hard work from owners Michele and Mark Guyer, the

How I Bought California’s First Street-Legal GT-R

Dubbed “Godzilla” by the Australian motoring media, the new generation BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R was the almighty of the Japanese super car regime. That’s a statement that I will always stand