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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs reports Apple’s $161 million loss

September 26, 1997: In one of his first tasks after returning to Apple as interim CEO, Steve Jobs reveals the company’s massive quarterly loss of $161 million. Giving investors the bad news is

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flip-flops on the Newton

September 4, 1997: The writing is on the wall for Apple’s Newton product line as Steve Jobs tells executives at the newly spun-off company not to bother moving into their new offices. It’s quite the

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs begins his path back to the top

July 8, 1997: Steve Jobs begins his path to becoming chief executive officer of Apple, after former CEO Gil Amelio departs the company on the back of a massive quarterly loss. Also leaving Apple is

Today in Apple history: After a horrible quarter, Gil Amelio gets the boot

July 6, 1997: Following a massive quarterly loss for Apple, board member Edgar S. Woolard Jr. calls CEO Gil Amelio and informs him that he needs to step down. “You’ve done a lot to help the company,

Today in Apple history: Terrible quarter marks the end for Gil Amelio as CEO

June 27, 1997: The last day of another disappointing quarter brings an end to CEO Gil Amelio’s 500 days running Apple. The $56 million quarterly loss contributes to an overall deficit of $1.6 billion

Today in Apple history: Mac clone-maker peaks before a dizzying decline

June 4, 1997: Mac clone-maker Power Computing hits its high point — but it’s also the beginning of the end. Power Computing’s boss reaches an agreement with Apple CEO Gil Amelio concerning the

Today in Apple history: Larry Ellison calls off Apple takeover plans

April 29, 1997: Steve Jobs’ friend Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, calls off his bid to take over Apple. Ellison’s plan is to reinstall Jobs, who is then just an adviser to Apple CEO Gil Amelio, as the

Today in Apple history: Rumors fly that Canon might buy Apple

April 21, 1995: Rumors swirl that Canon (yes, the Japanese camera company!) might take over Apple in either a partial or complete acquisition. Speculation grows about a possible deal after Apple

Today in Apple history: Apple racks up staggering $700 million loss

March 28, 1996: In a dire message to Wall Street, Apple warns that it will report a $700 million after-tax loss for its most recent quarter. Apple’s biggest quarterly loss in history, the shocking

Today in Apple history: Gil Amelio takes over as CEO

February 2, 1996: Apple reveals that turnaround artist Gil Amelio will take over from Michael “The Diesel” Spindler as CEO of the struggling company. With disappointing Mac sales, the disastrous

Today in Apple history: Apple brings back Steve Jobs with NeXT buyout

December 20, 1996: Apple Computer buys NeXT, the computer company Steve Jobs founded after leaving Cupertino a decade earlier. The deal costs Apple $429 million. It’s a massive price to pay for the

Today in Apple history: A phone call sows the seeds of OS X

November 25, 1996: A midlevel manager at NeXT contacts Apple about the possibility of Cupertino licensing NeXT’s OpenStep operating system. Garrett L. Rice’s communication with Ellen Hancock, Apple’s

Today in Apple history: Turnaround artist Gil Amelio joins Apple’s board

November 9, 1994: Gil Amelio, a businessman with a reputation as a talented turnaround artist, joins Apple’s board. Coming off his impressive revitalization of National Semiconductor and Rockwell