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Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs reports Apple’s $161 million loss

September 26, 1997: In one of his first tasks after returning to Apple as interim CEO, Steve Jobs reveals the company’s massive quarterly loss of $161 million. Giving investors the bad news is

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs begins his path back to the top

July 8, 1997: Steve Jobs begins his path to becoming chief executive officer of Apple, after former CEO Gil Amelio departs the company on the back of a massive quarterly loss. Also leaving Apple is

Today in Apple history: Apple outwits clone-makers with Mac OS 8

March 8, 1997: Apple renames the forthcoming Mac OS 7.7 update, calling it “Mac OS 8.” It’s more than just a name change, though: It’s a sneaky sucker punch that ultimately knocks out Mac clones.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free

February 18, 2004: Steve Jobs sends an internal memo to Apple employees revealing that the company is, for the first time in years, totally debt-free. “Today is a historic day of sorts for our

Today in Apple history: Mac clone-maker closes shop

January 31, 1998: Mac clone-maker Power Computing goes out of business, having auctioned off its office supplies and computers. Apple bought out Power Computing, once the fastest-growing PC company of

Today in Apple history: Stock ‘backdating’ scandal hits Steve Jobs

December 28, 2006: As the rest of the country enjoys a much-deserved holiday, Apple gets embroiled in a stock “backdating” scandal. The news, centered on the dubious awarding of stock options to Steve

Today in Apple history: Apple signs ‘clone Mac’ deal

December 16, 1994: Apple Computer inks a licensing deal with Power Computing, allowing the company to produce Macintosh-compatible computers. With falling market share, and longtime rival Microsoft