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Goodnight Irwindale

For a while there everyone seemed very hopeful the speedway’s fate wasn’t sealed. After all, it’s been the last Irwindale event for the past five Formula Drift finals. I even said to myself that if I
Watch Tanner Foust Hoon His 900HP Formula Drift Passat

Watch Tanner Foust Hoon His 900HP Formula Drift Passat

Tanner Foust is a talented driver who, at the US at least, needs no introduction. However, for enthusiasts that aren’t up to speed on all of the Top Gear USA host’s accolades, Foust is a three-time

Deep Inside The Drift Cave

With the 2017 Formula D season said and done, teams are going all out to get their cars ready for 2018. Matt Field’s Drift Cave shop is no different, but it’s located in California’s Bay Area where

The More Things Change: The 2018 FD Rulebook

Well, most of the time in a perfect world, 50 percent of the time. Formula Drift is no exception and is considered one of the world leaders in drifting sanctioning bodies. So, let’s look at how Kevin

800 HP Twin-Turbo Ferrari 599 Drift Car Puts Up A Tire-Shredding Show

Federico Sceriffo is ready for the new season, burns some rubber with his mad 599. |

We Go Again At The Streets Of Long Beach

For those of us that know and love professional level drifting, the first round of Formula Drift each year is an obvious highlight on our calendar. As you likely remember, I documented the entire 2017

Twin-Supercharged Ferrari 599 Catches Fire During Formula Drift Racing Debut

Federico Sceriffo's Ferrari 599 Formula Drift car was engulfed by flames at Long Beach. |

Long Beach Style: AutoCon At Formula Drift

If you were in Long Beach last weekend, I know it was for the drifting. But AutoCon was at the event as well, hosting a car show alongside the sideways madness that unfolded on the street course.

New Toyota Corolla Already Tearing It Up In Formula Drift With 1,000 HP

The thousand-horsepower Corolla/Auris hatchback is already kicking @ss in Formula Drift this season. |

Formula Drift 2018 Just Got Interesting…

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy last season, far from it, but a repeat performance wouldn’t have the same impact in 2018. From a fan’s perspective, you want uncertainty going into each event, or at the

The Homemade FD Pro2 Smoke Machine

While many professional drift cars are created under the guise of heavy sponsorship, the majority of those in the sport get started exactly where Dalton is now: earning his license in the lower

All American: Matt Field’s C6 Corvette

With the 2018 Formula Drift season now in full swing, it’s about time we took a good look at Matt Field’s all-new C6 Corvette. My first proper look at the finished build was at the opening round in

Throwing Down The Gauntlet In New Jersey

To put my bias on the table, I immensely enjoyed James Deane’s domination in 2017, but 2018, so far, has been a completely different ball game. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Deane’s presence

The Canadian Shop Aiming For Perfection

One of the many things in life that astounds me is the ability professional drivers have to balance operating a race program with running a shop. I hardly seem to have enough time in a day to go to
Earn All the Skill Points in Forza with the Formula Drift Car Pack

Earn All the Skill Points in Forza with the Formula Drift Car Pack

As much as Forza Motorsport 7 loves lap times, the game isn’t all about nailing the perfect lap. Neither, obviously, is its jump-happy counterpart, Forza Horizon 4. The Formula Drift Car Pack is soon

Get Your Virtual Tail Sliding With The Latest Car Pack For Forza 7 & Horizon 4

The Formula Drift Car Pack brings seven virtual tail-sliding machines to both Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 4. |

Deane X Więcek: It’s Been A Minute

With Paddy’s stellar coverage last year, we were able to tell the incredible story of how this fledgling team from Europe swept through Formula Drift and stamped its mark on the biggest drift series

All Eyes On Aasbø

With the Formula Drift finale well underway at Irwindale Speedway, qualifying is now behind us. While we now have a clearer picture of how the rest of the weekend might go, it’s still far from over.

In The Moment: Leaving Everything To Chance

James Deane is the 2018 Formula Drift champion, but it didn’t happen the way anyone expected it. In fact, what unfolded last night in Irwindale was so far from everyone’s expectations that even being

Pure Driving: Aasbø’s Fight For The Championship

Fredric Aasbø and the Papadakis Racing team have left me no choice but to fall in love with drifting all over again. We’ve already said it, but this was a story that couldn’t have been written. If,