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Goodnight Irwindale

For a while there everyone seemed very hopeful the speedway’s fate wasn’t sealed. After all, it’s been the last Irwindale event for the past five Formula Drift finals. I even said to myself that if I

Deep Inside The Drift Cave

With the 2017 Formula D season said and done, teams are going all out to get their cars ready for 2018. Matt Field’s Drift Cave shop is no different, but it’s located in California’s Bay Area where

The More Things Change: The 2018 FD Rulebook

Well, most of the time in a perfect world, 50 percent of the time. Formula Drift is no exception and is considered one of the world leaders in drifting sanctioning bodies. So, let’s look at how Kevin

We Go Again At The Streets Of Long Beach

For those of us that know and love professional level drifting, the first round of Formula Drift each year is an obvious highlight on our calendar. As you likely remember, I documented the entire 2017

Formula Drift 2018 Just Got Interesting…

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy last season, far from it, but a repeat performance wouldn’t have the same impact in 2018. From a fan’s perspective, you want uncertainty going into each event, or at the

Throwing Down The Gauntlet In New Jersey

To put my bias on the table, I immensely enjoyed James Deane’s domination in 2017, but 2018, so far, has been a completely different ball game. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Deane’s presence

Deane X Więcek: It’s Been A Minute

With Paddy’s stellar coverage last year, we were able to tell the incredible story of how this fledgling team from Europe swept through Formula Drift and stamped its mark on the biggest drift series

In The Moment: Leaving Everything To Chance

James Deane is the 2018 Formula Drift champion, but it didn’t happen the way anyone expected it. In fact, what unfolded last night in Irwindale was so far from everyone’s expectations that even being

Pure Driving: Aasbø’s Fight For The Championship

Fredric Aasbø and the Papadakis Racing team have left me no choice but to fall in love with drifting all over again. We’ve already said it, but this was a story that couldn’t have been written. If,

Formula Drift Prep At Matt Field’s Drift Cave

You could tell Matt Field was tired — working 14 hours a day and seven days a week can do that to you. But he wasn’t sleepy, an important distinction. In fact, for as drained as he might have been,

Sliding Into Long Beach

In the lead up to 2019’s opening round, I stopped by FD’s Media Day to catch some of the action before the madness of the weekend begins. The off season is a time for teams to modify, totally

Sideways On The Streets Of Long Beach

Some things change, and some things stay the same. Qualifying for Formula Drift’s season opener on the Streets of Long Beach went just about as you might expect, with a couple curveballs along the

Play By Play At Formula Drift Long Beach

The off season is officially over and round one of Formula Drift 2019 is in the books. With a solid five months off to rebuild and upgrade, drivers showed up at the Streets of Long Beach with new

The Digital Effect: Formula Drift Long Beach In 0.836 Seconds

Taking digital photos is a weird thing to do. In contrast to shooting film, where you’re physically capturing a moment on a tangible, touchable medium, there’s a certain soullessness to

Formula Drift: Mid-Season Check-Up

I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy but, unlike years past, I haven’t followed FD this year. With the same judges, the questionable calls, mostly the same layouts year after year, and the championship

Papadakis Racing’s Heroic Effort At FD Monroe

The position is currently first, by the way, and it comes only thanks to hard work from everyone on the team. In all forms of motorsport the drivers tend to get all of the glory — and this isn’t to

World War Coffman Comes To Seattle

This is really what we came to Round 5 of the 2019 Formula Drift Championship for: to catch up with friends and, more specifically, to sit down with Matt Coffman and follow the Coffman Racing team for

The FIA Drift Commission Vice President Speaks About The Future Of Drifting

Eline first became involved in drifting when she was at university studying event organization. At this time, drifting in Europe was just getting into its stride, and Eline was was in search of an

Formula Drift: The Battle For Irwindale

The 2019 season ender was particularly exciting, as Ken Gushi clinched the win after several exciting tandem battles in his ZN6 Toyota 86. The car was running strong with its Blue Moon-built 2JZ-GTE