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Ken Block Puts His Ford Escort Cosworth Through Its Paces In The Swiss Alps

Ken Block's new Escort Cosworth was built from the ground up after his original was destroyed last year. |

Junkyard Find: 1986 Ford Escort L

I try to mix up these Junkyard Finds so that you won’t see five 1990s Oldsmobiles in five consecutive weeks. This week, after a 1990s Volvo and a 1990s Honda and a 1970s Plymouth, it seemed time for a

Rare Rides: The 1978 Ford Fiesta, a German Car

Ford has executed an on-then-off strategy with regard to its Fiesta offering in the North American market. Currently in off mode, your local Ford dealer encourages you to look at the sporty and

Junkyard Find: 1981 Ford Escort L Liftback Coupe

The automotive industry’s shift from rear-wheel-drive to front-wheel-drive was in full swing by the late 1970s, and the folks at Dearborn knew that the successor to the Pinto would need to get with

Rare Rides: The 1986 Ford Escort EXP, for Driving Enjoyment

Rare Rides featured an EXP once before, in the form of a tidy first-generation example painted in blazing orange. Today’s EXP is a much more modern looking second generation, in two-tone grey and

1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Is A Ticket To Hot Hatch Heaven

This Ford Escort RS Cosworth is powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four turbo, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox. |

The Lakes Of Killarney

Saturday morning. 5:00am. The middle of nowhere. It’s the thud of metal forcibly meeting wood that brings me to consciousness, yet it is the accompanying string of expletives that spill like the

Rare Rides: The 1994 Mercury Capri – Miata’s Serious Competitor

The Rare Rides series has featured two Capri-adjacent vehicles in past: This car’s immediate predecessor, the ASC McLaren Capri, and its contemporary competitor, the Lotus Elan. Let’s find out how

Forward Thinking: Retropowered

I’m so sorry, I should have done this way before now. Disregarding the fact I took these pictures in late summer 2018 when I went to see Retropower, what I mean is, I should have done this years ago.

Dream All You Want, You Just Can’t Afford This Ford Escort RS Scale Model

The 1:25 scale Escort RS1800 is constructed out of gold, silver, diamonds and other gemstones - and was 25 years in the making. |

China’s 2020 Ford Escape Has Unique Face, Heralds Massive Product Offensive

The 2020 Escape is the first of more than 30 new models Ford China will launch in the next three years. |

Irish Rallying: The Boom Is Back

There has been a sense of excitement through every facet of the rallying world here on the Emerald Isle for the past few months, on a par with halcyon days of old, and unequivocally different to the

Ken Block Puts His New Ford Escort Cosworth Through Its Paces

Block had parts of the destroyed car's turbocharger, wheels and fender ground to flakes and added to the paint. |

Ken Block Is Getting Ready To Hoon New Ford Escort Cosworth

Not a single part could be salvaged from the previous Escort Cosworth, so this one is a new car. |

Ken Block’s Destroyed Ford Escort RS Cosworth To Be Reborn

His previous Cossie was consumed by fire at a rally accident, but Block announced he is building a new one. |

This 1972 Ford Escort RS1600 Ended Up Selling For A Startling $90k!

That's a new record for the RS1600 – a legendary road-going rally car, sold by Silverstone Auctions alongside an equally impressive Sierra. |

After Continuously Bad Batman Movies, Wayne Enterprises Must Be Going Bankrupt

On the flip side, if Batman ever needed to blend in while out on patrol, this Ford Escort-based Batmobile should do. |

Anyone Interested In An $85k Ford Escort? ‘Cause There’s One For Sale

This beautifully restored 1972 Escort RS1600 coming up for auction is no ordinary econobox. |

Junkyard Find: 1983 Mercury Lynx L Wagon

Before the North American Ford Escort became a Mazda 323/Protegé sibling, the folks in Dearborn masterminded a Mercurized version known as the Lynx. Escort wagons are rare now (though I have shot a

Ken Block’s Ford Escort RS Cosworth Destroyed By Fire After Rally Crash

Ken Block's Ford Escort is no more, but thankfully both he and his co-driver got out without any injuries. |