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Galaxy Fold debacle nears its end with US launch coming Friday

Samsung’s demonstration on the dangers of letting one’s reach exceed one’s grasp is almost over. The Galaxy Fold, the first mass-market phone with a foldable display, will reach US customers’ hands on

Samsung struggles to fix Galaxy Fold

Samsung isn’t yet ready to commit to a release date for its troubled Galaxy Fold. Information leaking out last month had indicated the delayed folding handset might be out before July. However,

It’s much too early to reject a folding iPhone [Opinion]

Deciding now that an folding iPhone is a terrible idea is premature. There just isn’t enough information yet to judge whether any such device is something you’ll want. And it’s betting against Apple’s

Folding iPhone concept video mixes rumors and dreams

Apple is at least exploring the possibility of making a folding iPhone, and artists have been playing around with designs as well. Today we have a concept video showing a flexible iOS model that also

Corning’s flexible glass might make folding iPhone a winner

Forget what you think you know about glass. Rather than being an utterly rigid material, Corning is close to producing a type of glass flexible enough to go in a future folding iPhone. This material

Steve Wozniak wants a folding iPhone even if you don’t

The co-founder of Apple, and its original tech guru, can’t wait to get his hands on a folding iPhone. The first generation of folding devices from Samsung, Huawei, and others have met with skepticism

Exciting concept shows what a folding iPhone could look like

Samsung showed off its foldable smartphone this week, and while it’s clearly a first-generation model, it’s got a lot of people excited. Foldable phones have the potential to combine our phones and

The first folding smartphone is already here

The future’s promise to give us folding smartphone-tablet hybrids like the ones found on Westworld has already arrived. Apple fans will have to wait until 2020 at the earliest for a folding iPhone,

Apple still wants to make a folding iPhone

The first foldable smartphones launch later this year. These will all run Android, but Apple has been researching a bendable iPhone. It received another patent today for a mobile device with a

Samsung rushing out folding smartphone to be the first to market

There’s a race on to introduce the world’s first folding smartphone, and Samsung appears committed to winning. The head of its mobile division says his company will unveil a foldable phone before the

Apple’s Android rivals are going all-in on folding phones in 2019

At least four big smartphone makers are reportedly prepping foldable models for 2019. This radical new design could reinvigorate the slowing phone market, hence the widespread interest. But Apple is a

Microsoft Andromeda folding iPad competitor possibly killed off

Don’t expect to see the rumored folding Windows computer any time soon. In fact, Microsoft might have cancelled the device code named Andromeda. This would have been small enough to be pocketable, but

Apple’s foldable iPhone still years away

The next dramatic shift in smartphone design is expected to be folding displays. An industry source in Asia says that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone but it won’t be out before 2020 and possibly

Microsoft plans to take on iPhone with folding dual screen Surface

The iPhone might be about to get some fresh competition from Apple’s oldest rival in the tech scene. Microsoft has reportedly been working on a mysterious new Surface device codenamed Andromeda. The