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Samsung will sell its foldable glass display to other companies

Now that the Galaxy Z Flip is available to buy, Samsung plans to sell the phone's signature foldable glass screen to other manufacturers. The screen will carry the same ultra-thin glass (UTG) branding

The Galaxy Z Flip's hinge fibers aren't enough to keep dust out

Samsung made much ado over fiber layers in the Galaxy Z Flip's hinge that are supposed to keep dust and debris from ruining your day, but how effective are they, really? They might not be as effective

Sliding screens might make more sense than folding phones

TCL reportedly developed a prototype phone with a slidable screen. This would allow a small, easily portable handset to include a 7-inch display. The design is clearly intended to take on foldable

TCL working on a concept phone with a slide-out display

The question of whether foldable phones are worth it or not will always be asked until most of the foldable devices released in the market no longer have major issues. The idea of a foldable phone is

Motorola RAZR screen found to be cracking, peeling after one week

The Motorola RAZR, just like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, has been highly anticipated ever since it was first mentioned again. In January last year, the Motorola RAZR foldable phone was said to be in

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will use Infinity-V display

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been announced together with the new Galaxy S20 series, it’s time to focus our energy on the next foldable phone. The South Korean tech giant has decided to use
I spent 24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip. Here are my 5 big takeaways

I spent 24 hours with the Galaxy Z Flip. Here are my 5 big takeaways

After a day, I'm in love with folding my phone, but there's more to the Z Flip than the hinge.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Durability Test, Teardown Video: Watch here

Samsung’s next Galaxy foldable is out. It’s not exactly the Galaxy Fold 2 because it will be a different phone. What we were introduced to is the new Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone that made use of the

The Galaxy Z Flip's glass screen isn't very durable

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, its display's extra-thin glass drew the attention of many people. It theoretically offered a better feel and more durability than the fragile plastic of the

Motorola RAZR Teardown: See how repairable the foldable phone is

The Motorola RAZR is now available. It’s an obvious rival to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Z Flip because they have the same clamshell form. The first foldable phone from Motorola has long

Foldable phone shipments could surpass 100 million by 2025

The market for foldable phones is still in its infancy. But a market analysts firm says eventually every major phone maker will produce them, including Apple. Once problems with early designs are
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip has a 180-degree hinge and begins shipping on February 14

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip has a 180-degree hinge and begins shipping on February 14

The newest foldable phone by Samsung is the Galaxy Z Flip, and it will begin shipping on February 14 at a suggested retail price of nearly $2,000.

Motorola RAZR Gold Blush model official, coming later in spring

The new Motorola RAZR has been out from Verizon since last week. Some people who pre-ordered for the foldable phone already received theirs. We’ve seen first impressions and hands-on videos plus a

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne leaked before official launch

Who is Thom Browne? We are pretty sure that is the first question on your mind upon seeing the headline. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hasn’t been out officially but we’ve been seeing a number of live

Samsung Surprises by Revealing Unreleased Galaxy Z Flip Phone during the Oscars

Samsung is leading the industry when it comes to smartphones with foldable displays. Last year the Korean company launched Galaxy Fold, its first phone with a foldable display. In a surprising turn of

Leak shows Samsung's fashionable Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition

At this rate, there will be very little mystery left when Samsung takes the stage at its Unpacked event on February 11th. WalkingCat, normally known for Windows leaks, has posted a leaked promo video

A gold-colored Motorola Razr is coming this spring

The reborn Motorola Razr has a few quirks, but one of the most obvious is that all-black exterior. How are you supposed to flex with your foldable phone when it's so inconspicuous? Don't worry --

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on videos surface on YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will come out this week. The February 11 launch is fixed and the Unpacked 2020 is a ‘Go’. Samsung is not canceling anything and it’s all set to announce the Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip commercial shown during the Oscars 2020

More on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. At the 92nd Academy Awards, Samsung launched a Galaxy Z Flip commercial. The Oscars 2020 is over just a few hours ago. The winners have been announced.

Moto Razr test gauges the phone's ability to survive 'pocket sand'

Whether or not you believe the new Moto Razr's hinge is up to the job, there's another lingering question: how well does the phone's foldable screen survive in your pocket? You might have an early