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Crews trying to stamp out southern Colorado wildfire

Firefighters helped by improved weather conditions were trying Tuesday to stop the spread of a wildfire that has forced the evacuation of hundreds of people in southern Colorado and destroyed at least

Police release IDs of 3 killed in suspected murder-suicide

Phoenix police on Tuesday released the identities of a man and two daughters who died in what police believe was a murder-suicide, and court records indicate the man's ex-wife had obtained an order of

Texas man faces life in prison in slayings of wife, 2 others

A Texas man faces mandatory life in prison over a 2008 murder-for-hire scheme in Mexico in which his wife, her sister and their father were killed.

Edwin Meese backs death row inmate's effort for case review

Former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case of an Alabama death row inmate he says could be "very likely actually innocent." Meese filed a brief saying
Rolling Stone defamation trial over UVA gang rape story begins

Rolling Stone defamation trial over UVA gang rape story begins

The woman who claimed she was gang raped in a now-discredited story in Rolling Stone magazine said the University of Virginia dean who counseled her after she came forward about her alleged assault

The Founder of Bulletproof Coffee on Hacking Your Way to a Long Life

Dave Asprey discusses why his 'Bulletproof Diet' could be the foundation for a strong body and mind.
Autopsy photos of son make father cry in Georgia hot car death case

Autopsy photos of son make father cry in Georgia hot car death case

A man accused of intentionally killing his toddler by leaving him in a hot car shed tears in the courtroom as jurors were shown 34 autopsy photos.

Texas agency rejects Turkey's complaint about school system

The Texas Education Agency has reviewed and rejected a complaint from Turkey alleging a charter school system engaged in employment discrimination and misused public funds.

Arkansas prosecutor: Officer-involved shooting justified

A prosecutor says two Arkansas police officers who killed a 26-year-old man earlier this month won't face charges related to the shooting.

Man testifying in girl's slaying is caught texting on stand

A New Jersey man testifying that he saw two men open fire before a 12-year-old girl was killed has been caught texting from the witness stand.

Autopsy: Woman found buried with chips, perfume and a note

The autopsy of a Maine woman found dead behind her in-laws' home shows she was buried along with a bag of potato chips, a bottle of perfume and a note that took "an apologetic tone." The Morning

Man pleads guilty to fraud in Chicago schools bribery case

The owner of two education-services companies has pleaded guilty to offering bribes and kickbacks to the former head of Chicago Public Schools.

Court mandates new recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service must update its decades-old recovery plan for the endangered Mexican gray wolf under a court order issued by an Arizona judge.
Capture of Mosul could cause terror surge in Europe, top official warns

Capture of Mosul could cause terror surge in Europe, top official warns

Liberating Mosul from Islamic State (ISIS) could cause a surge of IIS fighters into Europe, it has been warned.

3 Ways to Make Triple the Revenue

The B2B sector is booming, and getting a piece of that $8 trillion pie requires the right alignment of digital marketing and sales outreach.

Get Better at Your Own Job by Doing Someone Else's

Step into your employees' shoes, and let the experience guide your leadership.

Intel tops 3Q forecast but shares fall on sales outlook

Intel Corp. on Tuesday slid in after-hours trading after the chipmaker issued downbeat guidance for the current quarter.

Prosecutor asks ranching standoff jury to use common sense

The trial of the man who led a standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge has raised many complicated issues, some of them political.

Air Force: Toxic chemicals released into city's sewer system

An Air Force Base in Colorado says it accidentally released about 150,000 gallons of water containing toxic chemicals into the sewer system of the adjacent city of Colorado Springs, but the potential

10 Flaws of Conventional Retirement Plans

Have a 401(K) with an employer match and think you're all set for your golden years? Think again.