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Democratic strategist lambasts GOP tax plan as ‘Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Trump’s retirement plan’

Approval ratings on the Republican tax plan aren’t simply poor, they’re downright fathomless. Only 26 percent of Americans support the plan, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. Democratic

Watch Bill Maher obliterate ‘Too creepy for an Alabama mall’ Roy Moore for stalking teen girls

To the surprise of no one, HBO host Bill Maher reserved a large portion of his opening monologue to the ongoing revelations about U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore’s teenage dating habits when he was a

‘We’re not a racist department’: North Carolina firefighters refuse to take down Confederate flag after funding pulled

Firefighters in North Carolina will continue to fly a Confederate flag over their taxpayer-funded fire house despite the fact that their political choice could financially devastate the department.

Trump-loving pastor stuns Joy Reid by blurting ‘morality’ is not a necessary qualification for leadership

Appearing on AM Joy, Pastor Mark Burns of the Harvest Praise and Worship Center in South Carolina stunned MSNBC host Joy Reid by blurting out that “morality” is not a necessary quality our political

Billionaire Steyer explains doubling his investment in Trump impeachment ads: He’s breaking the law every day

CNN anchor and talk radio host Michael Smerconish brought to the airways Saturday the debate among progressives as to whether Democrats should fight to impeach President Donald Trump. In October,

House intel committee member slams Sessions and promises ‘People will be indicted, people are going to jail’

Appearing on MSNBC with Alex Witt, a lawmaker who has been deeply involved in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian influence with White House officials bluntly “went on the

KKK member posts pictures of woman’s kids on Facebook and threatens them after she voices support for MLK statue

The Bartow County Sheriff’s office in Georgia is investigating “terroristic threats” a woman received after a self-proclaimed member of the Ku Klux Klan took issue with her Facebook comments

Ex-evangelical rips the fake Christian ‘good women of Alabama’ who want Roy Moore’s accusers to shut up

As part of a panel discussion on AM Joy, former evangelical Franklin Schaeffer tore into Roy Moore’s female followers for betraying their Christian faith and replacing it with “moral relativism” in

Dem strategist: A Roy Moore victory would be ‘catastrophic’ for GOP’s chances in 2018

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis said on Saturday that his party stands to benefit either way in Alabama’s special election between ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore and Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

SNL hilariously re-enacts Donald Trump Jr. — and Eric’s — liaison with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

This week, “Saturday Night Live” opened with a sketch lampooning reports that came to light this week about President Donald Trump’s eldest son Donald Jr. and his contacts with WikiLeaks. The sketch

WATCH: SNL’s ‘Come Back, Barack’ is the R&B slow jam Trump-era America so desperately needs

Chance the Rapper performed a 90s-style quiet storm R&B ballad on “Saturday Night Live” called “Come Back, Barack” this Saturday that summed up what so many Americans have been feeling since

SNL’s Jeff Sessions reveals ‘childhood trauma’ that prevents him from recalling meeting with Russians

Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon reprised her creepy impersonation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Weekend Update Saturday night, leading the audience in a “I do not recall” call and response.

Fox host sends Fox & Friends into raving tailspin when he says Roy Moore should ‘never be seated’

Fox News host and legal expert Gregg Jarrett shocked his colleagues on Fox & Friends over the weekend when he said that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore should not be seated if he wins his

Ex-Trump aide: Roy Moore accusers ‘should not be believed’ because sex abuse is just ‘me too stuff’

Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign aide who was forced to resign over controversial tweets, said on Sunday that the women accusing Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore of child sexual

Eric Trump: ‘The Russia thing is a total sham’ but ‘hardcore facts’ prove Hillary betrayed America

President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, said in an interview over the weekend that the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election is a “total sham” — but he insisted that a

Joy Reid blisters Fox’s Pirro and Bartiromo for defending accused sex abusers Roy Moore and Trump

During a panel discussion on how conservative media outlet Fox News is handling allegations that U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually abused a teenager when he was in his thirties, MSNBC host Joy

Hannity loses it after CNN promotes adverstiser boycott: ‘They are the most anti-free speech, pro censorship’

Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out on Sunday after CNN host Brian Stelter accused him of being obsessed with Hillary Clinton so he did not have to talk about the daily scandals coming out of

CNN cuts report from Alabama as GOP voter attacks reporter: ‘Fake news! It’s a conspiracy against Roy Moore!’

CNN on Sunday quickly ended a report from Alabama after a resident lashed out at CNN reporter Nick Valencia for revealing that several Alabama newspapers had turned against Republican Senate candidate

Writer nails Trump for attack on UCLA dad: ‘He’s trying to pick fight with black person he considers uppity’

Appearing on MSNBC, a Los Angeles Times writer said he was not surprised that President Donald Trump attacked the father of a UCLA basketball player because the dad is black and Trump likely considers

Conservative pundit Charlie Kirk gets destroyed online after blatant lie about Trump accusers

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk said on MSNBC Sunday that he does believe the women accusing Alabama ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore of sexual abuse and believes the accusations against Sen. Al