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Woven Skin: Maserati Bringing Bespoke Models to NY Auto Show

As it soaks up newfound love from an absentee parent, Maserati plans on bringing its best to the New York International Auto Show. The Italian marque recently announced it intends to cart its entire

U.S. Lawmakers Propose To Extend EV Tax Credit At A Cost Of $11.4 Billion

Companies like GM, Tesla, Ford, BMW and VW have announced their support for the new bill. |

What Took Them So Long? Dodge Introduces Stars & Stripes Edition for Challenger, Charger

Despite being manufactured in Canada, the Dodge Charger and Challenger feel like the most American vehicles currently on the market. Large, brash, and deliciously unapologetic about it, the vehicles

Startup Raises $3.9 Million in Tokenized Equity on London Stock Exchange Platform

Blockchain startup 20|30 has raised £3 million in a sale of tokenized shares on a platform operated by the London Stock Exchange Group.

Big, Old, and Cheap Helps Move Metal, Ram Dealers Claim

Fiat Chrysler doesn’t break down its Ram pickup sales figures for us wordy-typey slobs, so it isn’t easy to figure out just how much the held-over 1500 Classic has helped the brand’s soaring sales.

As Deals Start Appearing on JL Wranglers, Is it Time to Spring Into a Jeep?

Studies have shown that purchasing a new Jeep Wrangler is almost as stable an investment as buying gold. In terms of retaining value, the Wrangler is king, boasting a rate of depreciation that

Union Says Fiat Chrysler Ready to Pony Up for a New Product at Windsor Assembly

Hot on the heels of Fiat Chrysler’s announcement of a shift cut at its Windsor, Ontario minivan plant, officials from Canadian autoworkers’ union Unifor say the automaker has $355 million ready to

Unhappy Journey: Fiat Chrysler Recalls a Slew of Dodge Darts for Potential Rollaway Issue

The Dodge Dart rolled unceremoniously out of the Fiat Chrysler stable after the 2016 model year, but the automaker now worries it may roll out of owners’ driveways. Fiat Chrysler is recalling 298,439

FCA Recalling Over 320,000 Dodge Darts Due To Roll Away Risk

FCA has thousands of Dodge Dart reports relating to repairs for parking issues. |

Widebody Dodge Charger Spotted During Commercial Shoot

Instagram user eviil_srt, so named for his sinister-looking Chrysler 300 SRT8, posted a video in which he claims to have caught a production-ready Charger widebody in the midst of filming a

Detroit Residents First In Line To Receive Jobs At FCA’s New Plant In The Motor City

4,950 jobs will be created by FCA and Detroiters will get apply for them ahead of the general public. |

Mopar Starts Taking Orders On $30k ‘Hellephant’ 1,000-HP Crate Engine

You can now drop a 1,000hp monster of an OEM engine in any car you like. |

For Five Bucks More Than a Nissan Leaf, You Can Get a Hellephant Instead

Apparently, today is Hemi Day in our vast autoverse, though Twitter tells me it’s also Lesbian Visibility Day, while Wikipedia informs me that John Wilkes Booth was shot through the neck in a Virginia

FCA Tags Samsung And Google For Vehicle Connectivity Tech

Samsung's Harman and the Android OS will power FCA's global connected vehicle ecosystem. |

Cummins Looking Into Ram HD Engine Emissions Certification Process

Cummins, maker of the beastly 6.7-liter inline-six diesels found beneath the hoods of various Ram Heavy Duty pickups, claims it is looking into its emissions certification and compliance process. In a

FCA Seeking $160 Million In Tax Incentives From Detroit Factory Expansion

FCA plans to invest $2.5 billion into its Detroit assembly plant and engine complex. |

Fiat Kills Off a Truck That’s Not Really a Fiat

Perhaps to its misfortune, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles does not sell a midsize pickup in the world’s biggest truck market, but buyers in certain overseas markets were able to get into a four-door,

FCA Completes $6.5 Billion Sale Of Magneti Marelli Parts Unit

Magneti Marelli has been sold to Japan's CK Holdings, and a supplier juggernaut has been created. |

Fiat Chrysler first-quarter adjusted EBIT falls 29 percent as sales slow

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) said on Friday its adjusted operating profit fell 29 percent in the first quarter as sales slowed in its North American profit center and in Europe.

Fiat Chrysler confirms full-year targets even as weaker sales hit first-quarter profits

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) on Friday confirmed its targets for this year despite reporting a 29 percent fall in first-quarter operating profit as sales and margins weakened in its North American profit