Shrinking sea ice is creating an ecological trap for polar bears

San Diego Zoo Global researchers studying the effects of climate change on polar bears are using innovative technologies to understand why polar bears in the Southern Beaufort Sea are showing

Want to help save wildlife after the fires? You can do it in your own backyard

People living in cities far from the unprecedented bushfires this summer may feel they can do little more to help beyond donating to organizations that support affected wildlife. But this is not

Deforestation in the tropics causes declines in freshwater fish species

NUS ecologists have found that Nematabramis everetti, a common freshwater fish species that is resilient to climate change-associated drought conditions, is nevertheless unable to escape the effects

Scientists call on government to increase ambition to save our ocean

In the last decade there has been rapid expansion in the area of ocean designated as a Marine Protected Area (MPA).

Lava flows tell 600-year story of biodiversity loss on tropical island

A natural experiment created by an active volcano gives new insight into the long-term negative impacts of human colonisation of tropical forest islands. The findings are published in the British

Computer-based simulator tests insects for effects of new pesticide

University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers have used a novel combination of techniques to compare the effects of two families of pesticides used in agriculture, and found that at low dosages the

Nearly 50 rhinos killed in Botswana in 10 months as poaching surges

At least 46 rhinos have been slaughtered in Botswana in 10 months, a government official said on Monday as the southern African wildlife haven reported a surge in poaching of the endangered species.

Five rhinos die from suspected anthrax infection in India

Rangers have suspended safari rides in a popular nature reserve in eastern India after five one-horned female rhinoceroses died from a suspected infectious disease, officials said Monday.

Researchers examine nations losing fish species due to climate change

As ocean warming causes fish stocks to migrate toward cooler waters to maintain their preferred thermal environment, many of the nations that rely on commercial fish species as an integral part of

Soft robot fingers gently grasp deep-sea jellyfish

Marine biologists have adopted "soft robotic linguine fingers" as tools to conduct their undersea research. In a study appearing February 24 in the journal Current Biology, scientists found that

Nations seek biodiversity accord to stave off mass extinction

Nature experts and government delegates gather this week in Rome to thrash out an international deal for endangered species, trying to avoid a mass extinction event caused by human activity.

Buzz off, honey industry: National parks shouldn't be milked for money

Among the vast number of native species damaged by the recent bushfire crisis, we must not forget native pollinators. These animals, mainly insects such as native bees, help sustain ecosystems by

Spinal deformities in Sacramento-San Joaquin delta fish linked to toxic mineral selenium

Native fish discovered with spinal deformities in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in 2011 were exposed to high levels of selenium from their parents and food they ate as juveniles in the San
Singapore Airlines is using aeroponics to upgrade in-flight meals

Singapore Airlines is using aeroponics to upgrade in-flight meals

Produce can be harvested just hours before a flight.

Tools used to study human disease reveal coral disease risk factors

In a study published in Scientific Reports, a team of international researchers led by University of Hawai'i (UH) at Mānoa postdoctoral fellow Jamie Caldwell used a statistical technique typically

Forest management that factors in stream distance would help protect arthropods

The structure of vegetation and stream distance are important factors to consider in order to protect the biodiversity of forest arthropods, as stated in an article now published in the journal Forest

How do we protect our unique biodiversity from megafires?

This summer's devastating Australian fires and their continuing impact on biodiversity serve as a stark reminder of the challenges in nature conservation as we head into an increasingly volatile
Pope Francis: Education Is ‘an Ecological Movement’

Pope Francis: Education Is ‘an Ecological Movement’

Education is a “dynamic reality” and an “ecological movement,” Pope Francis told a gathering of Catholic educators in the Vatican Thursday.

Nearly 900,000 pangolins trafficked in Southeast Asia: watchdog

Nearly 900,000 pangolins are believed to have been trafficked across Southeast Asia in the past two decades, a wildlife watchdog said Thursday, highlighting the challenge in tackling the illicit

Fifty years of data show new changes in bird migration

A growing body of research shows that birds' spring migration has been getting earlier and earlier in recent decades. New research from The Auk: Ornithological Advances on Black-throated Blue