Corner Office: David Cancel on Hiring Employees Who Can Teach Him

Corner Office: David Cancel on Hiring Employees Who Can Teach Him

David Cancel, C.E.O. of Drift, a sales communication platform, says that in job interviews, he’s “looking for passion and thinking about what the progression might be for this person.”

Goodnight Irwindale

For a while there everyone seemed very hopeful the speedway’s fate wasn’t sealed. After all, it’s been the last Irwindale event for the past five Formula Drift finals. I even said to myself that if I

The Family That Drifts Together, Stays Together

We all have those moments throughout the day where we break from the chaos, prying ourselves away from the black hole that is social media and let our minds wander. During those precious moments, we

Autumn Feels: Revisiting Ebisu’s Drift Matsuri

It had been seven years since I’d been to a Drift Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit. Time certainly flies and you’ll be happy to know that practically nothing has chanced since those first few events I covered

S-Chassis Perfection

I wasn’t alone in my surprise either; almost everyone I spoke to on the day asked if I had seen the pair of cars parked up in the Minami course paddock. Of course I had – they were very hard to miss,

March By Name, S-Chassis By Nature

In a way, that sentiment is still true. I mean, it sure as hell could never be on par with the sort of cars that Nismo brings out to Fuji Speedway for its annual festival, but the ingenuity and effort

Dark Horse Rising: The World’s Best Celica Drift Car

Hang on a minute… What just happened? I swear I was doing a little Speedhunting, then I turned away and somebody stole 18 months out of my brain. I promise this will make sense shortly, and for those

MADCAB: A Luce Guide To Drifting Fun

Sometimes, you just need to take a step back, take stock, and view things a little less seriously. That even goes for professional drifters. Grasping your passion and squeezing a living from it is

Deep Inside The Drift Cave

With the 2017 Formula D season said and done, teams are going all out to get their cars ready for 2018. Matt Field’s Drift Cave shop is no different, but it’s located in California’s Bay Area where

URAS Reinvents The S15 Silvia

The week following TAS is always a scramble getting important show cars photographed before they disappear back to their respective shops around Japan. With six machines shot in the last four days

A Special Look Inside Garage URAS

When interacting with people outside the car world, the small talk topic usually ends up with someone asking me what I do for a living in Japan. After discovering that I travel around with my faithful

PNW: The Japan You’ve Never Heard Of

While I’ve always regarded Japan as the pinnacle of car culture — and whether this is the case or not is certainly up for debate, but the density of quality builds and fanatic enthusiasts in Japan is

We Go Again At The Streets Of Long Beach

For those of us that know and love professional level drifting, the first round of Formula Drift each year is an obvious highlight on our calendar. As you likely remember, I documented the entire 2017

In Russia, Lada Drifts You

Deep in Russia, on the Central Siberian Plateau, drifters gather every winter to ace their skills in -40°F temperatures. To put things into perspective, that’s five to six times colder than your

A Surprise JDM Trio – What Would You Choose?

But have you ever made your selection more specific? At the recent opening round of the 2018 British Drift Championship at Rockingham Circuit, I turned a corner towards one of the public car parks,

Drift raises $60 million to be an Amazon for businesses

When you’re raising venture capital, it helps if you’ve had “exits.” In other words, if your company has been acquired or you’ve taken one public, investors are more inclined to take a bet on anything
Drift raises $60 million to grow its conversational sales and marketing platform

Drift raises $60 million to grow its conversational sales and marketing platform

Drift today announced it has raised an additional $60 million to grow its conversational sales and marketing platform. To date, the maker of sales assistant Driftbot has raised a total of $107

Pat’s Acres: This Is Drifting

What does drifting mean to you? Is it 1,000hp monsters sliding through a few corners at a racetrack? Or is drifting meant for the mountain passes in Japan, a nostalgic pastime that will never be the

Version Three: The ITEM-B FC3S

Already a staple in the Pacific Northwest drift scene, the ITEM-B FC3S Mazda RX-7 is a one-of-a-kind creation that has been getting better and better as time goes by. Evan Brown has owned the car for

The Homemade FD Pro2 Smoke Machine

While many professional drift cars are created under the guise of heavy sponsorship, the majority of those in the sport get started exactly where Dalton is now: earning his license in the lower