Road Worker Miraculously Survives Close Call Involving Flying Table Saw

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the table saw of death. |

Arkansas Woman Rams Police Cars During Chase After Stealing Truck And A Pistol

The 28-year-old woman damaged three state cars and a Sheriff's Office patrol car. |

California Police Identifies Driver Who Was Filmed Plunging Off A Cliff In December

Authorities believe they have solved the mystery of the Lexus RX driver. |

Bus Driver Stops On A Dime In Butt-Clenching Moment After Golf GTI Spins Out Of Control

The VW Golf GTI driver locked up the hatch's brakes while slowing for traffic. |

Hyundai Sonata Driver Flees Scene After Causing Crash With Subaru

The Hyundai Sonata driver didn't realize they left their license plate at the scene. |

Driver Slams Into Dump Truck Trying To Take Highway Exit

If you're going to miss your exit, it's better to keep on driving and take the next exit. |

Elderly Florida Driver Somehow Launches Her Cadillac On Top Of Two Cars

The driver accidentally put their car into reverse and then apparently panicked. |

Speeding Rider Without A License Meets Unwavering Jersey Barrier In Canada

Thankfully, the serious injuries suffered by the rider were not life-threatening. |

Speeding VW Driver Tries To Squeeze Between Trucks, Gets Slammed

The VW Passat driver was lucky not to be seriously injured or killed in the crash. |

Questions Raised After Police Trooper Performs Deadly 109 MPH PIT Maneuver

The 34-year-old Ram 1500 driver was killed in the high-speed crash. |

TeslaCam Captures Tesla Driver Flooring It In Front Of A Police Cruiser

The Tesla driver was fortunate not to be pulled over and fined by police. |

Truck Driver Asleep At The Wheel Nearly Hits Two Cars, Crashes Shortly After

According to the cammer, drugs also were to blame for the Dodge Ram driver's behavior. |

Red Light Runner, Wanted By Police, Causes Absolute Mayhem In Salt Lake City Intersection

The red light runner is suspected of perpetrating an aggravated assault with a knife before the crash. |

Oh, Come On: Trucker Ignores Three Warning Signs And Crashes Into Overpass

The truck driver was probably trying to save some time but got stuck under the bridge. |

Corvette Driver Tries To Outrun Police, Goes About As Well As You’d Expect

Despite having a 20 second lead, the Corvette driver lost control and was caught by police. |

Strike Two! GMC Envoy Driver Doesn’t Understand How Roundabouts Work, Hits Two Cars

The double incident was captured by a dashcam on March 30 in Bloomington, Indiana. |

Californian Ford Driver Rear-Ends Motorist Twice And Then Flees The Scene

Police caught up to the woman following the crash after tracing her license plate. |

Driver Dodges Oncoming Kia And Films Serious Head-On Collision

The driver of the Kia Carnival was charged with driver under the influence of intoxicants. |

Watch Trucker In Ohio Smash Through Railroad Crossing Bar Without A Care In The World

This trucker could have easily triggered a potentially lethal crash. |

Canadian Driver Hits Four Cars On Highway And Then Flees

The driver was later killed in a head-on collision. |