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The Strange Wonders of Cactuses, the Plant of Our Times

Carolyn Kormann reviews the book “Xerophile: Cactus Photographs from Expeditions of the Obsessed.”

Sun, Sand, and Skin: Fire Island’s Gay Haven in the Nineteen-Seventies

Alexandra Schwartz on Meryl Meisler’s photos of Fire Island in the seventies, which capture the sexy, carefree spirit of a post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS summer spent among lovers and friends.

R-Day at West Point, When Teen-Agers Start Becoming Cadets

Maxwell Campbell on Drew Vickers’s photos of Reception Day at the United States Military Academy, which is the first step in transforming young civilians into military members.

What Rampant Materialism Looks Like, and What It Costs

Rebecca Mead reviews Lauren Greenfield’s book “Generation Wealth,” which features glossy images of high rollers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and beyond, from the nineteen-nineties to the

Behind the Portrait: Julian Assange

Max Campbell on the stories behind the portraits that accompanied The New Yorker’s two Julian Assange Profiles, in 2010 and 2016, photographed by Phillip Toledano and Nadav Kander, respectively.

Chasing Pythons in the Everglades, and Finding an Eerie Dreamscape

José Ginarte on Balarama Heller’s series “Zero at the Bone,” shot in the Florida Everglades.

Watching the Eclipse with the Photographer David Burnett

The photographer David Burnett travelled to South Carolina to document the 2017 total solar eclipse.

New York City’s Secret World of Exotic Pets

Andrea DenHoed interviews the photographer Matias Wieland Oliveira about his recent series “Peacocking,” which features exotic pets that the artist recruited from Tinder and other social-media

A View Inside the Houston Homes Hit by Hurricane Harvey

Mike Osborne discusses his photographs of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

Emmet Gowin’s Stunning Celebration of the Lowly Moth

Andrea K. Scott writes about Emmet Gowin’s kaleidoscopic photography project “Mariposas Nocturnas”

Hurricane Harvey’s Overlooked Victims

Ben Taub and the photographer Philip Montgomery on the recovery from Hurricane Harvey in the eastern Texas towns of Port Arthur and Beaumont.

Robert Mapplethorpe’s Intimate Gifts to His Lover and First Male Model, David Croland

Rebecca Mead writes about the gifts that Robert Mapplethorpe gave to his lover and male model David Croland, which will be up for auction, at Sotheby’s, in October.

The Faces of Women Who Haunt Casinos

Andrea DenHoed on the photographer Courtney Asztalos’s portrait series “Purple Domino,” which captures the special glamour of the women she observed in casinos.

A Photographer’s Search for Cracks in North Korea’s Propaganda Machine

Jose Ginarte on the photographer Max Pinckers and his experiences while travelling through North Korea on assignment for The New Yorker.

Matthew Pillsbury’s “Sanctuary” Finds Solace in American Cities

Melissa Welikson on the photographer Matthew Pillsbury’s politically inspired pictures, which appear in a new exhibition called “Sanctuary.”

The Floridians Who Weathered the Worst of Hurricane Irma

Andrea DenHoed on Bryan Anselm’s photos of the residents of the Florida Keys and other areas hit hard by Hurricane Irma as they surveyed the storm’s damage.

Russell Westbrook May Not Love Talking to the Press, But His Clothes Speak Volumes

Vinson Cunningham writes about “Style Drivers,” a coffee-table book that showcases the basketball player Russell Westbrook’s fashion sense.

John Edmonds’s Paragons of Style

Hilton Als on the Museum of Modern Art’s new show, “Items: Is Fashion Modern?,” its first fashion exhibition since 1944, which features work by the photographer John Edmonds.

The Creepiest Children’s Book

Why the 1957 cult classic “The Lonely Doll” still haunts the imaginations of a generation of women artists, from Kim Gordon to Cindy Sherman.

A Young Japanese Photographer’s View of Harlem in the Nineties

Rebecca Bengal on the Japanese photographer Katsu Naito’s photographs of Harlem residents in the nineties.