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Music tips from guy who made Steve Jobs dance [Cult of Mac Magazine 333]

After finding fame for getting Steve Jobs to dance to his Antennagate song, Jonathan Mann went on to write tons more tunes (many about Apple). Now Mann, aka the Song a Day Guy, has a new podcast that

Buying used Macs on eBay is YouTube gold [Cult of Mac Magazine 332]

Luke Miani isn’t afraid to take a header when it comes to buying used Macs on eBay. He’ll scoop up piles of Apple laptops in various states of disrepair, then swap out parts or fix them up as needed.

Setting the best Move Goal in Apple Watch [Cult of Mac Magazine 329]

The Move Goal on your Apple Watch is a tricky beast. Set it too low, and it’s just not challenging enough. Set too high and it’ll be demotivating. So how do you pick the perfect Move Goal on Apple

10 things you didn’t know about iPhone [Cult of Mac Magazine 328]

Even if you’re a die-hard Apple fan, there’s still plenty you most likely don’t know about the company’s most popular product. Get ready to wow all of your Apple-loving in-laws over the holidays with

All about that crazy new Mac Pro! [Cult of Mac Magazine 327]

The 2019 Mac Pro: It’s a powerhouse workstation that looks like a cheese grater. And it’s the most upgradeable Apple computer in years. But you’ll pay for all that computing muscle: It starts at

Get intense! Amp up Apple Watch workouts with HIIT [Cult of Mac Magazine 326]

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is all the rage these days. Proponents say it delivers many of the benefits of a much longer workout — but in short, sharp bursts. If you want to fast-track

Thinking different: Inside the new Cult of Mac book [Cult of Mac Magazine 325]

When tasked with designing The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition, Derek Yee asked himself why there weren’t any books about Macs that looked like MacBooks. Then he cooked up a grand design that pays homage to

The 16-inch MacBook Pro, reviewed! [Cult of Mac Magazine 324]

Remember that butterfly keyboard we hated? All is forgiven, Apple, thanks to that gorgeous new MacBook Pro we’re swooning over. Or almost all. Our reviewer likes the laptop’s Magic Keyboard and loves

16-inch MacBook Pro is here at last! [Cult of Mac Magazine 323]

Apple unleashed the 16-inch MacBook Pro this week, delivering a powerful beast of a machine that answers many of our prayers. That butterfly keyboard? Gone, replaced with a Magic Keyboard. And those

The great MacBook disaster [Cult of Mac Magazine 322]

That butterfly keyboard. Those missing ports. The annoying lack of easy upgrades. Cult of Mac’s Charlie Sorrel makes a good case that the current MacBook lineup is a disaster. Can Apple turn it

AirPods Pro: Go pro or go home [Cult of Mac Magazine 321]

With AirPods Pro, Apple makes us oddly happy about shelling out for an upgrade. In fact, the new high-end wireless earbuds feel like a steal at $250. You might even say they’re fandabbydosey. (Our

Apple’s 2020 vision: Whole lotta hardware [Cult of Mac Magazine 320]

If the rumors prove true, next year will bring a wave of new Apple hardware. We’re talking a major iPhone revamp, new Macs and Apple Watches, and even (possibly) augmented reality glasses. Read all

Apple AR is here. Did you notice? [Cult of Mac Magazine 319]

Who needs Apple AR glasses? The era of Apple augmented reality is already here. You just might not have noticed it. Here’s a look at where we are — and where we might be headed. Get that glimpse of

Do this before you upgrade your Mac to Catalina [Cult of Mac Magazine 318]

Itching to upgrade your Mac to Catalina? Time to hit the brakes, buster. Before installing macOS Catalina, it’s essential that you do a little due diligence. The new operating system brings some

Why iPad will never catch up to Mac [Cult of Mac Magazine 317]

Even with all the new productivity features in iPadOS, the iPad still can’t touch the Mac when it comes to ease of use. The reason? It’s complicated. Find out why Cult of Mac’s Graham Bower thinks the

iPhone 11 Pro Max review: Even better than the best! [Cult of Mac Magazine 316]

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has it all: an unbeatable battery. The best display yet. A gorgeous, nearly unbreakable glass body. Maybe even dormant reverse wireless charging hardware. There’s no doubt about

iPhone 11 makes powerful first impression [Cult of Mac Magazine 315]

The new iPhones and Apple Watch are out, and they’re racking up rave reviews. Our hands-on iPhone 11 first impressions show it to be a pretty, powerful photographic phenom. Meanwhile, other reviewers

Big surprises at iPhone 11 event get us buzzing [Cult of Mac Magazine 314]

For the iPhone 11 event, that crafty Tim Cook slipped some genuine surprises around the back of the rumor mill. Apple left our heads spinning in a variety of ways. We totally expected the gorgeous new

How Apple will spark an AR boom [Cult of Mac Magazine 313]

Apple’s long bet on augmented reality is about to pay off. Thanks to new tools for developers, and hardware that can handle the advanced apps they create, an AR revolution is in the offing. Find out

Why we want an all-screen iPhone SE [Cult of Mac Magazine 312]

Apple really should make a small device with an iPhone X-style screen. Here’s why we want an all-screen iPhone SE. You’ll find that and more Apple news, reviews and how-tos in this week’s free issue