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OCC student suspended after filming teacher saying Trump’s election was ‘an act of terrorism’

As reported by the Orange County Register: COSTA MESA – An Orange Coast College student who secretly videotaped his instructor making anti-Trump statements was suspended from school and told to write

Thursday Links: Apply Now for $519 Rent in the LES

[caption id="attachment_81831" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Daniel Joseph Martinez on view at’s Armory Show booth. Image: KATHERINE MCMAHON for ARTnews.[/caption] This is so cool. Adam

Is Anything Off-Limits for California’s Police Unions?

A few weeks ago the Costa Mesa Police Association (read: Police Union) and their former law firm agreed to pay $607,000 to settle a lawsuit after their scheme against two Costa Mesa city councilmen

The Road To SEMA Begins At Sleepers Speed Shop

“This might sound cheesy, but the goal was to do the opposite of what everybody else does.” With Porsche’s massive resurgence in popularity over the past decade, it seems like everyone wants to build
The race to check Donald Trump in America’s conservative utopia

The race to check Donald Trump in America’s conservative utopia

If there really is a “blue wave,” it may break in Orange County, California, against a 71-year-old, pot-loving, Russia-cheering Republican: Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who has…