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More devices, more trouble keeping them all charged. Whether you’re at home or at work, we count on our mobile gear to stay on, so this roundup of chargers offers just the right solution for your

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These days, any distraction from politics is a welcome thing. So take this Presidents Day to swoop up some awesome deals on gear and gadgets. That includes VPN subscriptions, noise-canceling

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Digital devices are all about sleek and slim, so there’s no reason they should make our desktops cluttered and messy. But with one accessory, you can clear up your workspace and still keep all your

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Batteries never tap out at a convenient time. So whether you’re on a road trip or just taking a long walk, reliable backup power is essential. Below you’ll find an amazing collection of deeply

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Still some Christmas stockings that need stuffing? Since everybody uses digital devices, almost anyone can use a good charger. So ahead of Christmas, we’ve rounded up four great deals on versatile

Meet the inventor who will untangle all our cords

Logan Bailey, an inventor of accessories that untangle Apple charging cords, was himself tied in knots. There was no hiding it at the altar as he faced the woman he was about to marry. Bailey was

Wirelessly charge your iPhone twice over with this pocketable power bank [Deals]

Wireless charging is super convenient. Even more so when you can bring it with you. This powerful, portable charger is no exception, working as a wireless charging pad and power bank. Not only is it

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Our technology evolves every year. But the outlets we use to keep our gadgets running haven’t changed for decades. We’re so used to juggling adapters and cables that when a wall outlet can charge your

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to goLabor Day means hitting the road for an extra long vacation weekend. That means extra opportunity for running out of power at the worst possible moment. So we’ve gathered some of the best deals

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If you travel for work, you can’t afford to be screwing around with dead batteries or unreliable tech. So we’ve rounded up three of the best power banks from Omni, one of the best companies out there.

We have gear to toughen up your charging game [Deals]

Our phones and tablets depend on some pretty frail charging equipment. The soft white Lightning cables that come with iPhones fray and break so easily it’s easy to think they’re designed that way. It

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We rely on Lightning cables to charge our iOS devices and keep them in sync. Too bad they’re so prone to fraying and breaking. These cables from Keystart offer a more durable alternative. They sport

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The savings haven’t stop yet this long Memorial Day weekend! In addition to some well-deserved time off, why not shop without breaking the bank? We’ve got limited-time deals on a three-in-one wireless

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Being able to charge mobile devices on the go is a must. But as technology improves, portable batteries are evolving into something a lot more than just an extra battery in your backpack. Nowadays,

One wireless charging hub juices up four devices at once [Deals]

Wireless charging is catching on, so our wireless charging pads are becoming scarce real estate. Instead of buying a new charging dock for each new device, why not just get one that can handle all of

This wind-up generator charges iPhones with elbow grease [Deals]

Running out of battery is always a drag, but sometimes it can be downright disastrous. Say, when you’re on a long hike away from power outlets and with no sense of how to get back. So just like

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Among the least feng shui aspects of any home or office are the power cables. Cluttered tangles of wires and charging strips make a mess of even the tidiest workspace. So this pair of cleverly

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Traveling internationally is enough of a hassle on its own. Dealing with the different standards and formats involved in powering our gear makes it even more of a headache. So instead of carrying

Recharge 3 devices at once with a smartphone-sized wireless charger [Deals]

One sign that a technology has reached maturity is that you can fit in your pocket. So by that standard, wireless charging is reaching maturity quick. The FuelBox Rover is a Qi wireless charger that’s

Just Mobile Kickstarter project imagines a three-in-one charging solution

The problem with having a mobile phone, an Apple Watch and a tablet isn’t that you’ve got a lot of devices, it’s that you have a lot of different chargers. Just Mobile, the folks behind the popular