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A New Game at the Winter Olympics

Kim Jong Un tries to play South Korea against the United States. Evan Osnos writes.

The Feminism of France’s Minister for Gender Equality

Marlène Schiappa discusses Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuel Macron, and the path forward for French women.

Robert Mueller’s Distinctly American Indictments

For all the talk of Kremlin puppetry, the heart of the offenses involves the startling sums of money in normal American politics.

Sign Here, Mom and Dad: Parkland Teen-Agers Craft a Gun-Control Contract

With Parents Promise to Kids, two students move beyond #NeverAgain.

The Gun-Control Debate After Parkland

This time feels different. Will things finally change?

Donald Trump and the Stress Test of Liberal Democracy

Resistance must take the form of the affirmation of the values and institutions that the President has scorned and threatened. David Remnick writes.

What Went Wrong in the Stormy Daniels Case

Last week, the story might have amounted to just a few sordid tabloid flashes, were it not a likely harbinger of major troubles ahead. Amy Davidson Sorkin writes.

Trump’s Twitter Blockees Go To Court

Jeffrey Toobin asks if the Twittersphere is more like a virtual town hall, or like an informal convention.

Cambridge Analytica and a Moral Reckoning in Silicon Valley

David Remnick writes that the latest Trump-adjacent scandal will have consequences far outside the White House.

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., Fifty Years After His Death

This anniversary of his assassination falls amid the largest anti-gun-violence mobilization that we have seen since he departed. Jelani Cobb writes.

Dude, Where’s the Snow?

Pro-snowboarder-turned-activist Jeremy Jones publicizes climate change via Instagram. Sheila Marikar writes.

Trump’s Erratic Threats to Bashar al-Assad

The President and his new national-security adviser, John Bolton, are in an especially bad position to respond to the atrocities in Syria.

Trump, Giuliani, and All the President’s Lawyers

One thing is becoming clear about the various Trump scandals: they center on the President’s disdain for the law.

The “Cadillac of Mailboxes” Arrives in N.Y.C.

It’s not Amazon that’s hurting the postal system—it’s mail fishing.

François Hollande Braves the Amazon Comments Section

The former French President talks Macron and signs his first book.

Does Donald Trump Understand What DACA Means?

So far, the Administration’s incompetence and the courts’ rectitude have seen the Dreamers through. But those factors may be temporary safeguards, Amy Davidson Sorkin writes.

The Times’ Dean Baquet Gets His Closeup in “The Fourth Estate”

Ian Parker reports from the première of the Showtime documentary, where Robert De Niro makes the paper’s executive editor squirm.

Talking Arms Control with Babes in Arms

Sophie Brickman on Beatrice Fihn, who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of ICAN and had a no-nukes playdate in Tribeca.

Starbucks and the Issue of White Space

What’s most crucial isn’t whether a company can diminish bias among its employees. It’s the acknowledgment that bias is so pervasive it has to try. Jelani Cobb writes.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Summit and the Bid for History

Evan Osnos writes that, in Kim’s attempt to unleash the economy and hold on to his dictatorship, he seems to be taking a lesson from China’s Communist Party: change, or die.