More Apple suppliers looking to manufacture outside China

Two more manufacturers which regularly do work with Apple are eying up new potential plant locations outside of China. Wistron is reportedly looking to open a factory in the U.S. or, as a backup,

Apple supplier accused of chemical safety and overtime violations

Apple is still struggling to improve working conditions at its suppliers. Both China Labor Watch and Bloomberg report that Catcher, a key supplier for iPhone and MacBook casings, makes workers endure

Apple faces new accusations of harsh conditions in supply chain

Foxconn isn’t the only Apple supplier to be accused of having hazardous working conditions. According to a new report, manufacturer Catcher Technology Co. — which produces casings for iPhones and

Catcher Accused of Violating Apple Supplier Standards

Catcher is one of many companies that work within the Apple supplier chain, and the Chinese company has been accused of breaking several different Apple supplier standards related to working