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California GOP moves to align with Donald Trump policies

As reported by the Sacramento Bee: The California Republican Party moved Sunday into greater alignment with President Donald Trump, approving resolutions opposing sanctuary cities, advocating robust

GOP Gains in California May Not Be as Implausible as Commonly Believed

It almost qualifies as one of the more unexpected headlines in recent memory. “CAN THE CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN PARTY BOUNCE BACK IN 2018?” asked the Los Angeles Times in late February. Who would expect

California GOP at the crossroads

Part of being a political writer involves reading blogs and emails from both the left and right side of the political spectrum. If there is a middle of road one, it has escaped my attention thus far.

California Democrats outspend GOP in primary races

While maintaining a marked edge in legislative representation across the state, California Democrats notched a different but familiar distinction against Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, new

San Diego mayor hopes to lead state GOP out of its morass

SACRAMENTO – Even Republicans admit the state GOP is something of a rudderless ship these days. The party doesn’t control any constitutional offices. Democrats have supermajorities in both houses of

GOPers who backed ‘cap and trade’ likely to face more fallout

Chad Mayes of Yucca Valley is out as Assembly Republican leader, replaced last week by Assemblyman Brian Dahle of Bieber. But the fallout may continue over the decision of Mayes and six other GOP

CA GOP Has Fared Poorly in ‘Jungle Primary’ Era

Over the past few weeks, leading into the California Republican Party’s convention in Orange County this weekend, there have been mailings supporting the argument that the “top two” or “jungle

Conservative praise some of Gov. Brown’s vetoes

SACRAMENTO – California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed only 118 of the 957 bills that came before his desk in the recently concluded legislative session, but some of his final vetoes earned a great deal of

It’s Time for the California Republican Party to Fight

The Democratic Party and the city of San Francisco are officially dead. The acquittal of illegal alien, Jose Garcia Zarate, who shot Kate Steinle on the San Francisco pier in cold blood, has now

The California Republican Party Must Save America

The California Republican Party will meet this weekend for its annual convention in San Diego. On the surface, the party is not in good shape. Democrats hold all statewide offices. Pundits have —
Donnelly: The California Republican Party Was Destroyed by Its Moderate Leaders and Donors

Donnelly: The California Republican Party Was Destroyed by Its Moderate Leaders and Donors

Rather than taking the easy road and blaming Trump for its woes, the California Republican Party leadership should take a hard look in the mirror

An Agenda to Make California’s GOP Relevant Again

California’s Republican party has nothing to lose. They’ve lost every battleground district. The Democrats are going to do whatever they want in the Legislature. Corporate interests are cultivating