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How Apple and Google became unlikely allies in fight against COVID-19

A handful of Apple and Google employees turned a novel approach to fighting COVID-19 from a spark of an idea to a pandemic-fighting tool in less than a month. The tech giants combined forces in March,

Apple tells Senate privacy is a ‘fundamental human right’

Apple’s VP of software technology, Bud Tribble, made an appearance before the U.S. Senate’s Commerce Committee today to advocate for an overhaul of privacy laws in the country. During the hearing,

Apple wants US to overhaul privacy laws

A high-level Apple executive will tell the the U.S. senate tomorrow that the iPhone maker is in favor of federal privacy regulations. He’ll be testifying along with representatives of Google and other

Today in Apple history: NeXT customers get early taste of OS X

September 18, 1989: Steve Jobs’ company NeXT Inc. ships version 1.0 of NeXTStep, its object-oriented, multitasking operating system. Incredibly advanced for its time, NeXTStep is described by The New