Track-Prepped & Itasha Style: Garage Drydock’s R32 GT-R

The aesthetic caught my eye, but more importantly it appeared to be set up properly. J was quick to corroborate my assumption, sharing that it’s “a performance car first, but we’ve always been geeks

Nismo Fever: The Homologated Godzilla

You guys didn’t really think I would do an entire month’s worth of homologation cars without mentioning Godzilla did you? By this point, I’m going to go ahead and assume everyone is already fairly

The GT-R Turns 50: Enter Godzilla

But then, out of nowhere, the technicoloured 1980s and optimistic ‘90s arrived, and with Japanese stocks and real estate prices surging, there was a new-found bravery within the Japanese automotive

The Fukushima Files: Racing Garage Fastest

Located just outside Nihonmatsu in Fukushima-ken, the same town that sits at the foot of the mountain which Ebisu Circuit is perched on, it’s the quintessential old school Japanese tuning shop. It’s

Speedhunting Is A Brotherly Tradition

We grew up deep in Baptist Christianity, as our father has been a pastor since as far back as either of us can remember. As we became men, we both found a new church – one that was more akin to the

The GT-R50 Comes Home

In the current climate, auto manufacturers have a tough job standing out and being the brand people are talking about. Porsche is possibly a great example of how to do things the right way, creating

The Parking Lots Of R’s Meeting

It’s time for one final post to wrap up this year’s R’s Meeting coverage: the parking lot hunt. These posts are an important component of any event we cover as we see firsthand what owners out there

920hp For The Street

Back when I started covering this scene, anything over 600 to 650hp was regarded as an undrivable track or drag car. It was surely noisy, clunky, and hard to tame. But these days, power figures like

Hunting Parts & Trends At R’s Meeting

It’s always exciting to see how the whole tuning scene surrounding the Skyline GT-R and the R35 GT-R keeps on expanding as the years go by. Like I touched on in my R’s Meeting 2018 introduction post,

GT-R Indulgence: R’s Meeting 2018

Welcome to heaven. Well, heaven if you’re into anything and everything GT-R related. And even if you aren’t, I’m sure you’re not going to complain about a whole lot of JDM goodness. As summer slowly

A Seven Year Build & An Understated GT-R

Humility in the modified car scene is seldom seen these days, but Western Australian resident David Maier has his ego kept in check two ways. Firstly, he’s part of a group of great mates who all own

The Ultimate Interior Upgrade Continues On Project 33

It’s been over nine months since my last post on Speedhunters where I gave you a glimpse into my R33 GT-R’s interior modernization project, but now there’s a lot more to share. To summarize, my friend

RB25-Powered & RWD: A GT-R With A Difference

Winter appears to be just around the corner, often a sad thought for many car enthusiasts. While ice covered roads can be a lot of fun to drift about, for many it also means the end of the season for