First artificial enzyme created with two non-biological groups

Scientists at the University of Groningen turned a non-enzymatic protein into a new, artificial enzyme by adding two abiological catalytic components: an unnatural amino acid and a catalytic copper

Mapping the future direction for bioprinting research

The way research in bioprinting will be taken forward has been laid out in a roadmap for the field.

France goes soggy on using CRISPR technique for veggies

France's highest administrative court decided Friday that plants produced using new gene editing techniques such as CRISPR undergo strict testing as genetically modified organisms in a ruling that

No clear path for Golden Rice to reach consumers

Heralded as a genetically modified crop with the potential to save millions of lives, Golden Rice has just been approved as safe for human and animal consumption by regulators in the Philippines. The

Novel techniques for mining patented gene therapies offer promising treatment options

The global gene therapy market is expected to reach $13 billion by 2024 as new treatment options target cancers and other diseases.

Branching out for a new green revolution

Researchers at the University of Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered a new gene that improves the yield and fertilizer use efficiency of rice.

A protein lulls algae to 'sleep,' and what that means for making green fuels

Algae have the potential to become a sustainable source of high value biofuels and oils. A big hurdle that holds us back from mass producing algae feedstocks is that they make more oil when stressed

Scientists sequence the genome of basmati rice

Using an innovative genome sequencing technology, researchers assembled the complete genetic blueprint of two basmati rice varieties, including one that is drought-tolerant and resistant to bacterial

Unlocking the secret of cell regulation: New method offers a closer look at noncoding RNA

Ribonucleic acids (RNA) ensure that the blueprint in the cell nucleus is translated into vital proteins and that cell functions are regulated. However, little is known about the structure and function

Symbiotic viruses help host insects override the plant's defenses

Aphids, small sap-sucking insects, are virus carriers responsible for significant economic losses in many crops worldwide. Many aphids form symbiotic and mutualistic relationships with viruses, an

Shape-morphing living composites

In a recent study published on Science Advances, L. K. Rivera-Tarazona and a research team in the departments of bioengineering and biological sciences at the University of Texas, Dallas, U.S.,
Coronavirus Misinformation Is Spreading All Over Social Media

Coronavirus Misinformation Is Spreading All Over Social Media

The new coronavirus roiling financial markets and prompting travel bans is taking on a life of its own on the internet, once again putting U.S.-based social media companies on the defensive about

Speedy recovery: New corn performs better in cold

Nearly everyone on Earth is familiar with corn. Literally.

Can chickpea genes save mustard seeds from blight disease?

During visits to fields in Assam, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, India, plant biologists Muthappa Senthil-Kumar and Urooj Fatima found mustard plants infested with Alternaria blight disease. They also

Nitrogen fertilizers finetune composition of individual members of the tomato microbiota

After conducting a field trial at a tomato farm near Ravenna, Italy, a team of plant pathologists and agronomists found that nitrogen fertilizers shape the composition and predicted functions of the

Getting to the root of plant survival

When facing a volatile climate, nature searches for a way to survive. For plants, that often means spreading new roots deeper and wider in search of water, particularly in times of drought. While

Genetic marking discovery improves fruit quality, bolsters climate defenses

Transferring genetic markers in plant breeding is a challenge, but a team of grapevine breeders and scientists at Cornell University have come up with a powerful new method that improves fruit quality
Jane Metcalfe, co-founder NEO.LIFE, has a cool upcoming book

Jane Metcalfe, co-founder NEO.LIFE, has a cool upcoming book

Kevin Kelly and I interviewed our friend Jane Metcalfe for the Cool Tools podcast. Jane is the founder of NEO.LIFE, a media and events company tracking how digital tools and an engineering mindset are
Ex-Congressman’s Son Avoids Prison for Insider Trading

Ex-Congressman’s Son Avoids Prison for Insider Trading

The son of former Republican Congressman Christopher Collins was spared a prison sentence for trading on confidential information provided by his father about an Australian biotechnology company.

Taming electrons with bacteria parts

Electrons are tough to pin down in biology. Learning how to harness electrons is no fool's errand because, when electrons move, they are the electricity that powers life.