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Xiaomi “accidentally” uses Apple ad to promote Mimojis

After strongly stating that they did not copy their Mimojis from Apple and even threatening to take legal action against those who’re saying so, someone supposedly made a mistake on the Xiaomi

Playground (formerly AR stickers) now available for Pixel, Pixel 2

While our smartphones and apps have continuously evolved into helping us become smarter and making life easier for us, we must not forget that it also helps us have more fun, especially during times

Samsung Galaxy J6 receives November patch, AR Emojis

The Samsung Galaxy J6 is finally receiving a new software update. The new version delivers the AR Emoji feature as a new camera mode. The latest November 2018 patch is also included so expect your

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo updated with AR Emojis, November security patch

One of the more exciting features of the latest Samsung flagships is a set of AR Emojis. The Samsung AR Emoji was introduced earlier this year, appearing first on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. The

Zootopia comes to Samsung’s AR Emojis

Zootopia is one of those underrated animated movies that doesn’t have a Disney princess but has a lot of life lessons for adults. Oh, and it’s entertaining too! If you’re one of those who loves this

Galaxy S8 receives update with Super Slow Motion, AR Emojis

Last week, we saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receive an update that brought not just the security patch for September but also some of the newer features that we saw with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note

AR Emoji, Super Slow-Motion for Galaxy Note 8 ready via firmware update

Samsung launched the AR Emojis first on the Galaxy S9, S9+, and the Galaxy Note 9. The My Emoji Maker app is believed to be arriving on another premium Galaxy phone–the old Note 8. We’re not doubting

Frozen characters are the latest AR emojis to join the Galaxy S9 family

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything new from the world of Frozen but if you have kids (or you yourself, we won’t judge) who are crazy about Anna, Elsa, and the gang, then you might want to

Samsung AR Emoji: here’s what’s coming next

One of the things that Galaxy S9 owners probably enjoy with their smartphone is creating and having their own Augmented Reality Emojis or AR Emojis for short. It may not be that important or

Daisy and Goofy joins Samsung’s Disney AR Emoji family

For those who have Samsung Galaxy S9 devices, probably one of the things that you like playing around with on your phone is the Augmented Reality emojis or AR emojis. The Korean OEM struck a deal with

Incredibles AR Emoji: Why Samsung has an edge over Apple

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not be all that different from the previous flagship (which caused some frustration with Samsung fans expecting something better), but one of the things that it’s been using

Samsung shares the “secrets” to its Galaxy S9’s AR emojis

While ordinary emojis are fun, it’s time for them to level up already. And the new flagship devices from Samsung are the first ones out that door with their augmented reality emojis which are

Donald Duck now part of the Disney AR Emoji family on Galaxy S9

One of the fun features that Samsung brought to its new flagship devices is the AR Emoji, which brings augmented reality into your emoji messaging game. While you can of course create your own AR

Mickey Mouse AR Emojis now available on the Samsung Galaxy S9

We thought about this at some point but we were expecting a Star Wars pack first. We’ve shared with you a demo video of the AR Emojis and now here is a new set that we know most kids (and parents