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Leaked ‘iPhone 11’ schematics show a major camera upgrade

Newly leaked schematics might provide our first look at Apple’s next-generation “iPhone 11.” The technical drawing lends credence to rumors of a major camera upgrade for the upcoming device. However,

Leaked ‘New iPhone XR’ Schematic May Actually Reveal the ‘iPhone 11’

Word on the street is that Apple is going to make some big changes to the iPhone lineup this year — not including a foldable phone, though.

Internal Documents Suggest Apple is Preparing to Comply With Right to Repair Legislation

Many have been demanding legislators across the United States to implement right to repair legislation, which would make it easier for device owners to repair their devices.

The iMac Pro Can Only Reportedly be Upgraded to 256GB of RAM at the Time of Purchase

If you purchased a new iMac Pro without 256GB of RAM already installed, but you’ve been thinking about upgrading, well, there may be some bad news this morning.

Concept Video Shows Off Apple’s AR Glasses and ‘realityOS’

Word on the street has been going strong for quite some time that Apple is developing augmented reality (AR) glasses.

AirPods Wireless Charging Case Shows an Image of AirPower on The Back

Apple has never given up entirely on AirPower, its wireless charging mat accessory. Even when times have been grim.

Apple May Reveal the Rumored ‘Netflix for Games’ Subscription Service During March 25 Event

On Monday, March 25, Apple is going to host an event where it is expected the company will unveil two major services endeavors.

Apple is Keeping Its Package Pricing a Secret for Its Upcoming Streaming Service; Hulu Won’t be Included

On March 25, Apple is going to announce its upcoming video streaming project, which will include original content and packaged offerings as well.

Apple Wants to Help Other Companies Sell Their Streaming Video Subscriptions With Its Own

On Monday, March 25, Apple is going to announce its newest effort: a streaming TV service with a variety of original content.

Apple Reportedly Acquires Italian Startup Stamplay

From time to time, Apple acquires companies. More often than not it’s a startup of some kind, rather than the giant acquisitions in the billions.

Wall Street Journal Reportedly on Board With Apple’s News Subscription Service; NYT and The Post Not so Much

Apple News is a solid one-stop-shop for a variety of news sources and stories, but Apple wants to expand on that effort.

Report Says Apple Approved Production of AirPower Earlier This Year After Missing Initial 2018 Launch

When is Apple going to launch its wireless charging mat, AirPower? We still don’t know. But it’s starting to sound like it’s coming soon (finally).

Latest iOS 12.2 Beta Reveals Support for AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

Back in 2017, Apple unveiled its first wireless charging mat, AirPower. At the time, Apple kept a lot of the important details close to the vest, including a price point and a launch date. Since then,

2019 iPad probably isn’t getting the new features you want

Details leaking out about the next iPad indicate that this will be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, device. So far, it looks like Apple’s 2019 mid-size, budget tablet will have quite a

Pirated Copy of ‘Aquaman’ Suggests iTunes 4K Protections May Have Been Cracked

Digital rights management can be pretty tricky, especially for giant digital storefronts trying to sell copies of content.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, May Lose His Seat on Apple’s Board Due to Competing Streaming Services

Apple and Disney go way back. Steve Jobs sat on Disney’s board until his passing in 2011. And it’s not a secret that Jobs and Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, were close friends.

Apple Rumored to Struggle to Obtain ‘Necessary Components’ for a 5G iPhone Even in 2020

2019 is the year of the 5G phone, at least from companies like Samsung and LG. But rumor has it that Apple won’t be jumping on the bandwagon until 2020.

AirPods 2 might charge faster than you think possible

A highlight of the second generation of AirPods is expected to be a wireless charging case. And a new report indicates that this will power up these earbuds in much less than half an hour. According

Apple Now Hiring More Software Engineers Than Hardware Engineers

While Apple isn’t quite perfect when it comes to hardware, it can get pretty close. But that doesn’t take away from the importance of software.

8 details Apple better get right on new 16-inch MacBook Pro

Creative Pros across the web are salivating after a recent rumors claimed Apple is preparing to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Details about the machine are scarce, but it could be the most amazing new