apple repairs

Apple makes no profit from Mac or iPhone repairs

Apple told the US Congress that it doesn’t profit from making repairs to iPhones or Macs. And it defended its practice of only selling genuine Apple parts to companies that have technicians trained to

Apple sets 24-hour turnaround time for MacBook keyboard repairs

Apple has ordered that sticky MacBook keys be repaired fast enough that, whenever possible, the owner can get their computer back the next day. The company says only a small number of its laptops

Don’t expect your AirPods to last forever

Apple’s second-generation AirPods are arriving just in time for people who are discovering that their first-gen ones are wearing out. This despite the original AirPods being, at most, 2.25 years old.

Apple will finally repair iPhones with unofficial batteries

An iPhone powered with a third-party battery can get repaired at all Apple Store Genius Bars, according to a directive issued by Apple. This is a surprising reverse course for Apple, which strictly

Leaked Apple repair videos cough up some secrets

Editor’s Note: Not surprisingly, these internal Apple videos are now gone from YouTube. The iPhone maker undoubtedly asked that they be removed. What appears to be a collection of Apple’s internal

Your 13-inch MacBook Pro might need its battery replaced

Apple admits that some MacBook Pro laptops have a problem that causes their batteries to swell up. The company is replacing these free of charge. This affects only the non-touchbar version of the