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Apple Under Fire Over Sending Some Users Browsing Data to China's Tencent

Do you know Apple is sending iOS web browsing related data of some of its users to Chinese Internet company Tencent?I am sure many of you are not aware of this, neither was I, and believe me, none of

Apple apologizes for Siri spying, pledges privacy fixes

A revamp of Apple’s program that had people monitoring Siri voice commands for quality control will soon ask users to opt-in first, and only Apple employees will be listening. “We realize we haven’t
Apple disables Apple Watch app that let people listen in on your conversations

Apple disables Apple Watch app that let people listen in on your conversations

Apple disabled the Walkie Talkie app for the Apple Watch after reports that a vulnerability could allow users to tap into another person’s iPhone and eavesdrop on conversations without their consent.

Ireland probes Apple’s compliance with strict EU privacy rules

Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner is looking into whether Apple is following all the requirements of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation privacy law. The DPC has three investigations

Apple guns for Facebook with new ‘Sign in with Apple’ privacy feature [Update]

Update: Apple says “Sign in with Apple” will be mandatory for third-party apps that require sign-ins, according to these new App Store guidelines. That means apps that currently use Facebook or Google

Apple Just Fixed a Huge Problem That Had Plagued Its Customers For Years

Sometimes, you don't need to make noise when you're doing something right.

Apple video beards the hairy issue of web privacy

Apple is again using humor to get across a serious message. Its latest video has a young man using his iPhone to answer a personal question, and assures him that he isn’t being tracked while he’s

Ads might not taint Apple’s TV service

TV shows and movies on Apple’s soon-to-be-announced streaming service might not be broken up by irritating commercial breaks. A new report indicates content will be either free or paid for entirely by

Funny Apple video demos why iPhone privacy matters

Apple’s latest video is a humorous take a serious topic. It reminds users of this company’s commitment to privacy with the tagline: “If privacy matters in your life, it should matter to the phone your

iPhone hacking tools sell for as little as $100 on eBay

The Cellebrite hacking tool used by law enforcers for pulling data off locked iPhones costs $6,000 new. However, used units now show up on eBay for as little as $100. That’s a big discount from the

Multinational struggle pits Apple against new encryption laws

Australia recently passed a law forcing tech companies to give law enforcement greater access to encrypted messages from users. The U.K. already has a similar law, and India is considering one.
Protect your iPhone or iPad with the IPVanish VPN, on sale through February

Protect your iPhone or iPad with the IPVanish VPN, on sale through February

One of our favorite virtual private networks for iPhones and iPads, IPVanish, is now offering a huge discount on its two-year subscription as part of its 7th-birthday promotion. Read on to find out

New FaceTime Bug Lets Callers Hear and See You Without You Picking Up

If you own an Apple device, you should immediately turn OFF FaceTime app for a few days.A jaw-dropping unpatched privacy bug has been uncovered in Apple's popular video and audio call app FaceTime
Apple makes a splash at CES 2019 with privacy-focused billboard in Las Vegas

Apple makes a splash at CES 2019 with privacy-focused billboard in Las Vegas

Apple will not have an official presence at CES 2019. However, it is making a splash at the annual event with a privacy-focused billboard put up near the Las Vegas Convention Center. The post Apple

iOS 12 defeats law enforcement’s GrayKey iPhone unlocker

Apple has apparently won a victory in preserving the privacy of iPhone users. Previously, even if an iOS device was secured with a password, police could use the GrayKey unlocking tool to access the

Apple monitors your iPhone usage to assign you a ‘trust score’

In an attempt to prevent fraudulent purchases from the iTunes Store, Apple has begun giving each iOS device a “trust score.” Exactly how this is computed isn’t known, but one of the factors is how

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video mocks fear that iPhones spy on us

Apple takes a firm stance on iPhone privacy, with strict rules. Nevertheless, many people remain nervous that their phone is spying on them. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, on his eponymous TV show, pokes fun

We read Apple’s 19-page privacy declaration so you don’t have to

Privacy has become a hot-button issue, and a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives recently sent Apple some questions about iPhone privacy protections. These were about location tracking,

Tim Cook says Apple will never keep quiet about social issues

Whenever Apple CEO Tim Cook weighs in on a social issue, like his recent disparaging comments about U.S. immigration policy, there are always voices urging him to be quiet and concentrate on making