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Future Apple iMac With Keyboard and Trackpad Could Fit into a Single Sheet of Curved Glass

The design of the iMac hasn’t changed much since the past decade. The current generation of all-in-one PC from Apple carries over the same design philosophy of the iMac that came out in 2009. That,
Siri for Self-Drive Cars: Genius or Patenting the Obvious?

Siri for Self-Drive Cars: Genius or Patenting the Obvious?

Apple wants Siri to be the 'navigation manager' for your car. It would find the very best parking space, or what Siri believes is the best Mediterranean cuisine, using hand, eye and phone gestures,

Here’s how iPhones might do interchangeable lenses

The camera bump on future iPhones could include an “interlock arrangement” for mounting additional third-party lenses, according to a patent awarded to Apple. The idea sounds potentially compromising

Apple Pencil may soon get additional touch-sensitive controls

Building on the capabilities of the Apple Pencil active stylus, Apple proposes adding additional touch-sensitive controls to the exterior. This would expand the capabilities of this drawing tool for
Patent Hints the Apple Watch May Track Parkinson's Disease Someday

Patent Hints the Apple Watch May Track Parkinson's Disease Someday

It’s no secret Apple’s got designs on the Apple Watch being some sort of medical device. It introduced ECG capability on the Series 4, which was also FDA cleared, and then with the Series 5, Apple

‘Magic Mouse Pro’ might bring this radical redesign

As the phrase goes, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” Apple is turning that on its head by seeking to build a better mouse. Its proposal is for a round mouse that

Apple’s Latest Published Patent Details 2-Way Charging Feature at Great Length

We expected Apple to usher in a new technology called ‘Hybrid Wireless Charging System.’ Our expectation was mostly fueled by Kuo’s report that predicted Hybrid Charging on iPhone 11. However, Kuo
Apple Is Apparently Working on AR Headphones

Apple Is Apparently Working on AR Headphones

At this point, it’s no secret that Apple’s working on augmented reality glasses. However, a patent reveals that the company is also tinkering around with augmented audio in headphones. Read more...

Future Apple Watch Could Feature Face ID, Smart Bands for Sports Performance Measurement

Even though Apple was a late entrant in the smart wearables category, it has provided a constant stream of innovations over the past few years, starting with the Apple Watch and then complementing its

Apple completely reimagines the iPhone case

Apple engineers dreamed up an iPhone case that’s also a stand and a handle. And maybe a keyboard. It’s surprisingly simple, but also a dramatic departure from typical cases. And it’s possible the

Apple Pencil with a built-in screen is genius

A next-generation Apple Pencil could have a built-in touchscreen. And it’s apparently an actual improvement, not just something bolted on to make it cost more. The display would let the user know what

Apple wants to put a computer on your finger

Apple engineers put considerable thought into a “wearable electronic ring computing device” small enough to put on a finger. The proposed smart ring would have a touchscreen and work closely with

Apple’s Patent Hints at a Screen-Based Keyboard for Future MacBooks

Apple helped fingerprint sensors go mainstream with TouchID and the company repeated the same with Face ID. Apple is known to perfect a feature before implementing it on their products. A patent

Apple explores using multi-user eye tracking for games and more

A computer tracking where its user is looking isn’t that complicated, but eye tracking two people simultaneously is more challenging. Apple worked out a method, and sees the potential for games,

Apple Granted Patents for Watch Band with Wrist Biometrics, Backlit Indicators, Self Adjusting Feature

Apple is a regular when it comes to filing patents pertaining to new features and technology. This time around the Cupertino company is granted a patent that shows off three possible new feature for

Apple wants to put AR navigation in your car

Apple is exploring ways to build augmented reality into Apple Maps. Rather than top-down views of roads and intersections, the company is considering overlaying route information onto live views of

Apple Patents Headphones That Can be Worn Both Ways

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published 42 new patents from Apple. One of the patents pertains to over-the-ear headphones by Apple. The unique feature of this headphone is that it is capable

Apple designed its very own car suspension system

The question of whether Apple is building a physical Apple Car or just a software platform hasn’t been confirmed either way. But there are a few hints, such as the fact that Apple was just granted a

Apple’s Latest Patent Details Wireless Charging for Self-Driving Cars

Apple helped wireless charging on iPhones go mainstream. Now, the Cupertino company has applied for wireless charging for electric cars. The patent application is titled “Wireless Charging Alignment

Apple explores dual-screen MacBook with tactile keyboard

Apple is considering a MacBook with two displays, with the second screen acting as a keyboard. By necessity, iPads already employ on-screen keyboards but these lack tactile feedback. Apple is looking