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Apple Pencil Patent Hints at Gesture Support, Camera, Biometric Sensor

As compared to the original Apple Pencil, the second-generation has evolved quite a bit. It comes with a double-tap feature that allows users to bring up access tools. A new patent suggests that Apple

Apple Pencil may soon get additional touch-sensitive controls

Building on the capabilities of the Apple Pencil active stylus, Apple proposes adding additional touch-sensitive controls to the exterior. This would expand the capabilities of this drawing tool for

Apple Patent Details How Future AirPods Pro Will Be Able to Detect Whether They Are in Ear

The U.S Patent and Trademark has published a total of 61 patents. The series of patents also includes Apple’s patent for next-gen AirPods Pro or Powerbeats Pro. The mention of earbuds in the patent

Apple completely reimagines the iPhone case

Apple engineers dreamed up an iPhone case that’s also a stand and a handle. And maybe a keyboard. It’s surprisingly simple, but also a dramatic departure from typical cases. And it’s possible the

Apple wants to put a computer on your finger

Apple engineers put considerable thought into a “wearable electronic ring computing device” small enough to put on a finger. The proposed smart ring would have a touchscreen and work closely with

Apple’s Patent Hints at a Screen-Based Keyboard for Future MacBooks

Apple helped fingerprint sensors go mainstream with TouchID and the company repeated the same with Face ID. Apple is known to perfect a feature before implementing it on their products. A patent

Apple finds a way to revolutionize the haptic keyboard

Apple invented an on-screen haptic keyboard with virtual keys that simulate movement, which should make typing a better experience. A laptop’s hardware keyboard is great for text entry but is in the

Apple Granted Patents for Watch Band with Wrist Biometrics, Backlit Indicators, Self Adjusting Feature

Apple is a regular when it comes to filing patents pertaining to new features and technology. This time around the Cupertino company is granted a patent that shows off three possible new feature for

Apple Patents Headphones That Can be Worn Both Ways

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published 42 new patents from Apple. One of the patents pertains to over-the-ear headphones by Apple. The unique feature of this headphone is that it is capable

Apple is serious about strapping a camera to your wrist

It seems inevitable that a camera will eventually find its way onto the Apple Watch, the only question is ‘how’? The USPTO awarded a new patent this week that reveals one pretty novel idea Apple has

Apple’s Latest Patent Application Details Smart Wall Mounted Gas Detection Device

Apple has been working on Integrating Gas and other Environmental Sensor into upcoming Apple devices. Earlier this year, the company was granted a patent for the same. Now Apple has applied for a new

Apple’s New Invention Lets Users with Head Mounted Display Work Secretly on Documents

Earlier this year, Apple was granted a patent pertaining to the use of VR headset beyond gaming and other forms of entertainment. Apple had envisaged using a mixed reality headset with a VR keyboard

Apple Pencil could be joined by Apple Paintbrush

The Apple Pencil is used for drawing and paining in an iPad, but Apple is considering an alternate version that’s a more literal interpretation of a paintbrush. The company just received a patent for

Apple’s beloved MagSafe connector could make a comeback

Apple is exploring charging cables that attach to its devices with magnets. This is highly reminiscent of its discontinued MagSafe system. Previously, this was a great way to keep MacBooks from being

Apple wants to add BO detection to iPhone and Apple Watch

Future iPhones and Apple Watches could pack “smell recognition capabilities,” based on some new patent filings submitted by Apple. The iPhone-maker has been researching ways to detect air pollution
Apple patents hint at improved Apple Store and unboxing experiences

Apple patents hint at improved Apple Store and unboxing experiences

It looks like Apple is working on ways to improve the Apple Store and product unboxing experiences. The company has been awarded a few patents, largely for tech that can be used in product packaging
Forget the fold — the next iPhone could use its entire screen as a speaker

Forget the fold — the next iPhone could use its entire screen as a speaker

Apple ditching the iPhone's headphone jack didn't resonate with consumers. Now it seems that the iPhone's speakers are the next to go. But they're not going far -- they'll be part of the screen. The

Apple May Use AR to Display Apple Maps on a Tabletop

Augmented reality is a major focal point for Apple in general, with ARKit being the stable groundwork from which the company can build upon (and allow developers to create their own AR-based tools and

Apple Patent Details ‘Universal’ AirPods for More Comfortable Fit and More

Another day, another Apple patent app. As usual, this is not an indicator of what’s actually coming down the pipe, but at least a glimpse of what engineers and designers at Apple have considered at
Apple patent suggests future Macs could use eye tracking to go hands-free

Apple patent suggests future Macs could use eye tracking to go hands-free

A public Apple patent called "Gaze detection in a 3D mapping environment" includes mentions which hint that one day you might be able to ditch your mouse and look at your Mac in a completely different