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Disney CEO resigns from Apple board as streaming war heats up

The Apple board of directors just lost a powerful member: Disney CEO Bob Iger. His resignation, revealed by an Apple filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, comes as Disney and Apple prepare

Jony Ive’s absence from Apple caused iPhone X headaches

Jony Ive began to drift away from Apple shortly after the Apple Watch launched, a new report claims. The Apple design chief’s waning enthusiasm caused problems during development of the iPhone X and

Jony Ive and the ‘fiddle factor’ [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 303]

What will Apple miss most as design chief Jony Ive spacewalks out of the spaceship campus? We think it’s the “fiddle factor” he injected into all his best Apple design. Find out all about this tactile

Tim Cook discusses Jony Ive departure in memo to Apple employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a memo to all Apple employees Thursday informing them that long-time Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is leaving the company. Instead of talking about the giant hole Ive will

Jony Ive is leaving Apple

Apple’s long-time design boss Jony Ive revealed today that he is leaving the company. After helping create some of the most iconic consumer products of all time for Apple, Ive says he is going to

Apple’s design team just lost three of its biggest stars

Several highly experienced designers who created Apple’s best-selling products are leaving after working decades for the company. The departure of these senior designers comes as Apple is shifting

Introducing Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level

Tim Cook is seriously underrated. Seven years after taking over as CEO from Steve Jobs, the narrative that he’s riding his predecessor’s coattails needs to change. It’s just not true. Cook is his own

Happy birthday, Jony Ive: Apple’s design genius turns 52

Today marks the 52nd birthday of Jony Ive, Apple’s much-admired chief design officer. As the shaper of products including, well, virtually everything that Apple builds, Ive has been a central

Quit or canned? Why is Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple? [Opinion]

When Apple fires an executive, the company is rarely straightforward about the situation. Apple never puts out a press release stating plainly that the executive was canned. So Tuesday’s unexpected

Steve Jobs stood in the lunch line like a regular Joe

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was known to be incredibly demanding. But one retired Apple executive said when it came to standing in line in the company cafeteria, Jobs waited his turn like everyone

Today in Apple history: John Sculley bids Apple a $10 million farewell

October 15, 1993: John Sculley, the CEO responsible for forcing Steve Jobs out of Apple, is forced to leave the company himself. Following a terrible quarter, in which the company posted a 97% drop in

Today in Apple history: Tim Cook becomes Apple’s chief operating officer

October 14, 2005: Tim Cook takes the reins as Apple’s chief operating officer, continuing an upward climb through the company’s ranks that will make him CEO less than six years later. “Tim and I have

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO

August 24, 2011: With his health worsening, a cancer-stricken Steve Jobs steps down from his role leading Apple. Tim Cook assumes the role of Apple’s seventh CEO. “I have always said if there ever

Here’s how Apple execs stack up with their Memojis

If Jony Ive was going for that Wanted Poster look for his executive profile picture, he now looks like an adorable puppy thanks to Memoji. Never has the leadership page on Apple’s website been so fun

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs begins his path back to the top

July 8, 1997: Steve Jobs begins his path to becoming chief executive officer of Apple, after former CEO Gil Amelio departs the company on the back of a massive quarterly loss. Also leaving Apple is

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs attempts a boardroom coup

May 23, 1985: Bitter about being ousted from his position running the Macintosh division, Steve Jobs attempts to stage a coup to seize control of Apple from CEO John Sculley. The 30-year-old Apple

How Steve Jobs got employees to tell him what sucked about his companies

Would you have liked to be the person to tell Steve Jobs that something about his company sucks? If not, you may not have enjoyed the experience of working with him. In a recent Medium post, San

Today in Apple history: John Sculley brings ‘Pepsi Generation’ marketing to Apple

May 17, 1983: John Sculley takes the helm as Apple’s third president and CEO. The former Pepsi-Cola boss is short on tech experience but long on marketing, which will become increasingly important as

Today in Apple history: Larry Ellison calls off Apple takeover plans

April 29, 1997: Steve Jobs’ friend Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, calls off his bid to take over Apple. Ellison’s plan is to reinstall Jobs, who is then just an adviser to Apple CEO Gil Amelio, as the

Today in Apple history: CFO Peter Oppenheimer retires from Apple

March 4, 2014: Peter Oppenheimer, the Apple chief financial officer who presided over a decade of skyrocketing growth, steps down from the company. After becoming Apple CFO in 2004, Oppenheimer saw