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Apple Likely to Sell More iPhones in India, Upcoming iPhone SE2 Expected to Spike Sales

It is no secret that Apple has been struggling to find a foothold in the world’s second-biggest smartphone market. India is one of the very few countries with a positive demand for smartphones. Well,

Indian Government Plans to Offer Subsidized Loans to Entice Apple Suppliers

The Government of India is planning to offer subsidized loans to suppliers of Apple and Samsung, which would entice them to open manufacturing facilities in the country.

2020 Could be Apple’s Breakout Year in India

Apple products enjoy unparalleled brand loyalty. However, the company is still struggling to make its mark in the Indian market. Apple is trying to increase its sales in India by offering attractive
Is Apple ready for revival in India?

Is Apple ready for revival in India?

iPhones make up a tiny percent of the Indian smartphone market—and no one knows that better than Apple.

Report: India’s First Apple Store Will Open in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Until recently Apple couldn’t set up exclusive stores in India due to the earlier foreign direct investment rules. However, in the latest budget, the Indian government announced that it will relax the

Foxconn Faces Challenges as It Plans to Ramp up iPhone Production in India

Trade war between the U.S and China has alarmed tech giants. Starting from December this year, iPhones will attract 15% tariff duty. Apple has said that it will absorb the duty by reducing the cost of

Apple To Take Advantage of New Foreign Direct Investment Rules and Start Online Sales in India

India is arguably one of the most attractive smartphone markets with an estimated 299-million smartphone users. For the past couple of years, Apple was trying to set up the Apple Store in India but

Indian Made Apple iPhone XR and XS Will Hit the Market Next Month

Earlier today we reported that Apple is all set to export older gen iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 from India to the European market. A new report from Reuters believes that the latest iPhone XR and XS that

Relaxation of Foreign Investment Rules in India Will Help Apple Build Its Store

Apple has been trying to set up single-brand retail stores in India from quite some time. The FDI rules have prevented Apple from offering a flagship Apple Store in India. Meanwhile, Apple tried to
Xiaomi can’t beat Apple in India even after selling 10 times more phones

Xiaomi can’t beat Apple in India even after selling 10 times more phones

Apple and Xiaomi’s rivalry in India is a juicy paradox. In the financial year ending March 2018, the Chinese firm sold over 10 times more…
Apple’s new chief in India has a lot to fix

Apple’s new chief in India has a lot to fix

It’s turning out to be a difficult December for Apple in the subcontinent. On the heels of a substantial slowdown in revenue, the tech behemoth…