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Apple Music for Business gives stores a legal way to stream tunes

Apple is going after the Muzak market with Apple Music for Business, a new service for legally streaming music in public places. Apple partnered with PlayNetwork, which specializes in providing music

Why Apple needs outside help to create hit products [Opinion]

Recent rumors suggest that Apple is leaning on another company to help develop its highly anticipated augmented reality headset. At first, I thought that sounded crazy. Apple Glasses look set to be

Sorry, binge-watchers: Apple won’t debut every episode of The Morning Show at once

Apple is seemingly taking a mixed approach to the way it will debut new Apple TV+ shows. According to the company, it will release three episodes of The Morning Show, one of its flagship series, when

Apple TV+’s $5 pricing lays the smackdown on Netflix and Disney [Opinion]

It’s rare that the take-home message from an Apple keynote is, “Wow, that’s far more affordable than I expected.” But that’s exactly the reaction Apple prompted when it revealed the $5-a-month price

Apple sees ‘long-term potential’ in cryptocurrencies

Could an Apple cryptocurrency be coming? While it doesn’t sound like it’s on the immediate horizon, Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey recently suggested it’s not totally off the table. It would fit with

Latest canceled Apple TV+ show might be bad omen [Opinion]

Cupertino’s costly decision to cancel an Apple TV+ series starring Richard Gere due to the show’s darker tone is the latest bit of evidence that Apple wants only family-friendly fare for its upcoming

Why massive Apple TV+ budget is a genius strategy

On the surface, Cupertino’s decision to spend massive piles of money on its upcoming Apple TV+ streaming service seems crazy. Is this a company with too much money being suckered? Is it a huge display

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission investigates Apple again

Japan’s Fair Trade Commission is investigating Apple’s tactics for selling iPhones in the country. The Japanese FTC thinks Apple might have abused its power by pressuring Japanese suppliers into

Apple Music may reduce free trial to just one month

Right from the start, Apple Music offered a three-month trial to new users to try and get them to subscribe. In some cases, this even extended all the way up to a six-month free trial before users

How Apple tricks our brains into accepting high prices

During the WWDC 2019 keynote, most of Apple’s latest creations drew enthusiastic applause, with one notable exception. The price of Apple’s new Pro Display XDR elicited a somewhat cooler response. But

4 key reasons Apple’s China problem is going away

Apple’s business in China is finally turning around, according to execs who say Cupertino’s troubles in the country might be a thing of the past. “We feel positive about our trajectory,” Apple CEO Tim

Apple’s Services division could be worth $450 billion as its own company

If Apple spun off its Services division as its own company, the business would be worth between $400 billion and $450 billion, according to a new analyst report. To put that number in perspective,

Apple News+ publishers air early gripes

Publishers airing their gripes anonymously suggest that the early days of Apple News+ haven’t exactly been smooth sailing. Complaints include teething problems with article formatting and design, as

Foxconn gears up to make flagship iPhones in India

Foxconn is reportedly “within weeks” of starting trial production of the iPhone XS in India, Bloomberg reports. Manufacturing will take place at a Foxconn factory in the southern city of Chennai.

Inside Apple’s failed negotiations with NYT and WaPo

Apple put a ton of pressure on The New York Times and Washington Post to join Apple News+ before the new service was unveiled at a media event last week. Details have surfaced of Apple’s negotiations

Apple’s unorthodox PR blitz is a total genius move [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 289]

So. Many. New. Products. Who would have guessed Apple would roll out multiple hardware upgrades in the week prior to a big media event? Here’s why that was a total genius move! Read all about the new

Wall Street Journal reportedly signs on for Apple News subscription service

The Wall Street Journal has reportedly agreed to participate in Apple’s paid news subscription service. Apple should offer details on the new service during the “It’s show time” media event. News of

Please, Apple, sort out your product naming nightmare [Opinion]

As thrilling as new Apple devices are, this week’s surprise hardware updates really screwed the pooch on one important front: product naming. The “new” iPad Air and iPad mini join a lineup of tablets

iPhone SE 2 could be the savior Apple needs [Opinion]

iPhone sales are down, especially in emerging markets. The reason is simple: Apple’s devices cost too darn much. And the solution is equally simple: Apple must make a new budget model. In short, it

Can Apple keep cannibalizing its core creations? [Opinion]

Apple built its world-dominating status by being brave. Not only did it create hit products, but it never worried about “cannibalizing” existing products to make way for the future. Will that same